World War Two Aeroplane Quiz Sheets

silhouette of WW2 spitfire

Welcome to our page of free printable history quiz sheets about World War 2 fighter planes and bombers. Air warfare was a significant part of World War 2 because it was known that air superiority was key to winning battles and therefore ultimately the war. The United States of America and Great Britain placed particular emphasis on the importance of strategic bombing and tactical control of the skies. Our WW2 aeroplane quiz sheets cover four planes which played a major role during World War 2 and The Battle of Britain i.e. Spitfire, Hurricane, Lancaster and P-51 Mustang.

The printable quiz sheets are in PDF format and have multiple choice answers which make them suitable for younger children and also for teenagers who may wish to explore the answers and history further. If you love WW2 fighters and bombers then don’t forget to also check out our popular collection of WW2 Aeroplane Colouring Pages where there are printable colouring sheets of the Wellington Bomber, P-51 Mustang, the four-engined B17 heavy bomber, Lancaster and others.

Preview of Free Printable quiz about the WW2 Spitfire Aircraft

Download and print our free multiple choice Spitfire Quiz Questions which include general kids’ questions covering such areas as:

  • the year that the Supermarine Spitifire was introduced into the RAF
  • the number of Spitfires built and the number of Spitfires still flying
  • whether the Spitfire was the most successful fighter plane of WW2
  • the date of its retirement from the RAF
Preview of Free Printable quiz about the WW2 Hawker Hurricane

With a top speed of over 500km/h provided by a Rolls-Royce Merlin engine the Hawker Hurricane was a formidable opponent. See how much you know about this World War 2 fighter by tackling our multiple choice Hurricane Quiz Questions which challenge your knowledge on:

  • the materials used to construct it
  • secondary armaments
  • other aircraft manufactured by Hawker Aircraft Ltd
  • the Hawker Hurricane’s popularity around the world
Preview of Free Printable quiz about the WW2 Lancaster Bomber

The majestic Avro Lancaster (a.k.a. ‘The Lanc’) was capable of carrying the RAF’s largest bombs and was also modified to carry the famous bouncing bomb. See how many hits you get with our multiple choice Avro Lancaster Bomber Quiz Questions for children and teenagers which cover such topics as :

  • output of its powerful Rolls-Royce Merlin XX engines
  • number of crew members
  • date of introduction and numbers manufactured
  • the nickname for the rear gunner
Preview of Free Printable quiz about the WW2 P51 Mustang Aeroplane

Our P-51 Mustang Quiz Questions help kids and teens to learn about this single-seat fighter and fighter-bomber manufactured by North American Aviation which also played a part in the Korean War. The ten quiz questions cover such areas as:

  • the year of its first successful flight
  • the nations that used the Mustang in their air forces
  • production quantity and classification
  • who knew “the jig was up” when he saw Mustangs over Berlin