World War 2 Aeroplane Colouring Pages

spitfire in dogfight with german plane

Our free World War 2 Aeroplane Colouring Pages for kids are a great resource for a WW2 project by providing a colourful way to appreciate the important role that aircraft played between 1939 and 1945. From fighters like the Supermarine Spitfire and Hurricane, to the B17 Flying Fortress and Lancaster Bomber our printable World War 2 colouring pages celebrate some of the most famous and recognisable fighters and bombers that flew during WWII.

World War 2 military aircraft were used with great effect during the 1939-45 war for numerous tactical, defence and attack purposes e.g. long-range bombing runs, providing valuable reconnaissance, delivering essential supplies, supporting and protecting ground missions, and defending towns and cities from aerial attack. “He who controls the skies wins the war.” …. PS don’t forget that we have WW2 Plane Quiz Sheets too!

Free printable colouring page of a World War 2 Spitfire Aeroplane

Spitfire Colouring Page

The famous and graceful Supermarine Spitfire will forever remain an icon of World War 2 aircraft. Famous for their speed and manoeuvrability, Spitfires played a vital role in winning the Battle of Britain where they faced German Messerschmitts and Junkers over England.

Our World War 2 colouring page of a Spitfire shows the plane flying near to the iconic and beautiful White Cliffs of Dover.

Free printable colouring page of a World War 2 Lancaster Bomber

Lancaster Bomber Colouring Page

The four-engined Avro Lancaster bomber first saw service in 1942. It was famous for long-range heavy bombing missions under the cover of darkness and its ability to carry some of the heaviest WW2 bombs available.

Our free printable Avro Lancaster colouring-in picture shows three Lancasters flying in close formation.

Free printable colouring page of a World War 2 Hurricane

Hurricane Plane Colouring Page

Like the Spitfire, the Hawker Hurricane was another fighter to play a critical role in the Battle of Britain. This versatile single-seat fighter aircraft was also adapted to perform bombing missions (“Hurribombers”) and to be catapulted from the decks of battle ships (“Hurricats”).

This World War 2 colouring page shows a Hurricane plane in front of its hangar ready for yet another mission.

Free printable colouring page of a World War 2 B17 Flying Fortress

B17 Flying Fortress Colouring Page

Developed for US air forces during the 1930s, the four-engined B17 heavy bomber earned the legendary title of ‘Flying Fortress’ due to its multiple gun defences and ability to survive significant battle damage. Our colouring page of a B17 Flying Fortress shows the aircraft over the English countryside returning to base.

Free printable colouring page of a World War 2 P51 Mustang

P-51 Mustang Colouring Page

With an impressive range of over 1000 miles, P-51 Mustang fighters played an important part in World War 2 acting as protective escorts to long range bombers and ensuring that the Allies maintained air supremacy. It was armed with six Browning M2 machine guns.

Our free colouring page shows the P-51 Mustang escorting a formation of B17 Bombers.

Free printable colouring page of World War 2 Wellington Bomber Aeroplanes

Wellington Bomber Colouring Page

The British Vickers Wellington bomber was widely used for bombing runs at the start of World War 2 but the aircraft was soon found to be unacceptably vulnerable to attack by fighter planes. Other large bombers (such as the Lancaster) took its place but the Wellington continued to play its part on less hazardous missions.

This free printable World War 2 colouring page shows an aerial view of Wellington bombers flying in formation