Two Player Word Searches

two girls playing together

Our free printable two-player word search puzzles are unique to and are specifically aimed at encouraging teamwork, discussion and co-operative behaviour either in the classroom or at home. They’re good for a party activity too. These free children’s word search sheets also develop problem solving skills because the two player teams will quickly realise that they need a strategy if (for example) they are to be the quickest team to complete the word puzzle quiz. Whilst the theme is relatively young the rules can be adapted to create a sufficient challenge for older children and teenagers.

The answers to all of our free printable word search puzzles for kids are always provided in a separate document to avoid mistakes! It’s a new idea so we’d appreciate your comments too.


The children or teenagers should first be divided into pairs. One of the players is then given Sheet A and the other is given Sheet B. Where they sit will be dependant on the type of quiz game that parents or teachers want to set (see below) but typically the players will either sit opposite each other or alongside each other.

It is important that the children understand that the answers may appear on either of the printed sheets. For example, the word SHREK may appear on the list of names on Sheet A but the corresponding answer might be found in the word grid on Sheet A OR Sheet B. This is why both players will need to work together to finally cross off all the word search answers on both quiz sheet A and quiz sheet B; communication and cooperation is key!

It is entirely up to parents or teachers how they wish the word puzzle challenge to proceed and what logic to apply. There are many different game rules you could choose to make the word search easier or more challenging. For example, you could allow the kids to look at each other’s quiz sheets and maybe even swap them … or you could say that the two players are not allowed to see each other’s sheets. How about trying a timed game in the classroom to see which team can complete the word search sheets the fastest? Or you could try three players, one for Sheet A, one for Sheet B, and the third as a ‘floating’ helper.

An alternative for older children and teenagers would be to just pair them up and not even explain the rules! They would need to work together to figure out the quiz logic and how to find all the answers on both sheets. For a really noisy kids’ game try splitting up the pairs across a classroom so they have to shout to each other to find the missing answers!

Preview of printable two player wordsearch - movie heroes and villains

Sheet A – Movie ‘Heroes and Villains’ Word Search
Sheet B – Movie ‘Heroes and Villains’ Word Search

This free printable movie ‘Heroes and Villains’ word search puzzler for kids has a total of 24 words to find; and they’re paired together so that each hero is next to his or her corresponding villain. For example, you’ll find Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, Batman and The Joker, and Frozen’s Queen Elsa with Prince Hans.

PLEASE DON’T FORGET you need both Sheet A AND Sheet B to complete this word search.

ANSWER SHEET for Heroes and Villains Word Search

Preview of printable two player wordsearch - Disney and Pixar Movies

Sheet A – Disney and Pixar Movies Word Search
Sheet B – Disney and Pixar Movies Word Search

This free movie themed word search for kids lists some of the all time classic Disney and Pixar movies. Big screen classics include The Lion King, Finding Nemo, Lilo and Stitch and the Mickey Mouse sensation ‘Fantasia’. There are twelve Disney or Pixar movies listed on each printable word search sheet.

PLEASE DON’T FORGET that you must print off both Sheet A AND Sheet B to complete this word hunt.

ANSWER SHEET for Disney Pixar Movies Word Search

Preview of printable two player wordsearch - Movie Celebrities

Sheet A – Movie Celebrity Word Search
Sheet B – Movie Celebrity Word Search

Our obsession with the lives and exploits of movie celebrities is now a firmly established part of our culture. Not wanting to miss out on the celebrity glitz and glamour these free printable movie celebrity word searches for children include Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter), Megan Fox and Harrison Ford.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that both Sheet A AND Sheet B are printed off to complete this word hunt or you’ll end up with some very confused and frustrated kids!

ANSWER SHEET for Movie Celebrity Word Search