Printable Anti-Bullying Colouring Sheets (page 1 of 2)

Two bullies taunting another boy

Create some anti-bullying worksheets with our unique set of ‘What is Bullying?’ Colouring Pages which are free to print and help teachers and parents explore this important issue whether at a primary/elementary school (KS1, KS2), middle school or high school. Make our printables part of a ‘STOP BULLYING campaign’ for kids and help them to stamp out the teasing, hitting, taunting and intimidation which causes upset, pain and misery for so many children.

Bullying is hurtful behaviour and hurtful words (like teasing) deliberately repeated over a period of time. Our free ant-bullying colouring sheets help highlight the many aspects of school bullying by providing images of the most common actions of a typical bully and how they affect other kids whether at primary school, secondary school or even college. We’ll soon have worksheets and posters devoted to cyber-bullying for kids which involves children and teenagers being threatened or harassed via social media, mobile phones, the internet, e-mails and on-line chat.

We have four more Bullying Colouring Sheets in this set too.

Preview of free printable anti-bullying colouring page - bullying is exclusion

Colouring Page About Exclusion

Deliberately excluding somebody from games, activities or conversations can leave them feeling painfully isolated, rejected and humiliated in front of their peers. This is particularly felt in a busy school where everybody wants to feel that they belong.

This printable anti-bullying worksheet shows a girl sitting on a park bench and feeling very sad and alone because the unkind group near to her are choosing to deliberately ignore and exclude her.

Preview of free printable anti-bullying colouring page - taking possessions

Colouring Page About Taking Possessions

A tremendous amount of anxiety and upset can be caused when a bully moves, hides or steals the property of their victim. Quite often the perpetrator is able to do this opportunistically without being seen so it is both an easy and cowardly way of targeting another child. No matter how small or large the item in question is (ie. whether it’s a pen or an expensive coat) we can all understand how upsetting and very disorientating this type of school bullying can be.

In our colouring page a gang of troublemakers look on with some amusement as their victim tries desperately to recover his school rucksack from the branches of a tall tree in the school playground

Preview of free printable anti-bullying colouring page - bullying is intimidation

Colouring Page About Intimidation

Even without saying anything and by doing very little a bully can easily intimidate their target by blocking a route or corridor or trapping them in a space or a room. For extra humiliation they often let other pupils through but continue to block their victim.

This anti-bullying worksheet for kids depicting humiliation shows a boy being blocked by a much bigger boy but – as we all know – bullies come in all shapes, heights and sizes (and quite often gangs too) in both Primary schools and Secondary schools.

Preview of free printable anti-bullying colouring page - verbal abuse

Colouring Page About Verbal Abuse

Being subjected to regular verbal abuse is extremely distressing. Cruel and hurtful comments can be dealt out randomly absolutely anywhere …. in the classroom, the playground, at the bus stop, in a shop, across a street …. and can be insults about anything from weight, height, colour or religion to somebody’s taste in music or clothes. Worse still when strong vulgar language or coarse language is used to make the words even more forceful and hurtful.

Use this free printable anti-bullying coloring page to create your own pack of anti-bullying worksheets, posters or handouts.