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Free Printable Valentines Day Colouring

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Saint Valentine’s Day is on February 14th so why not print out some of our free Valentines Day Colouring Sheets to help children understand this annual celebration of love and affection.

Saint Valentines Day is no longer just an occasion for husbands and wives …. or boyfriends and girlfriends. These days it’s fun for children to send a Valentines Day message to anybody special in their life whether it’s a parent, grandparent or close friend. Our free colouring sheets are a simple way for children to create their own Valentines Day work of art to give to a special friend or relative.

Preview of Valentines Day Bear with Balloons Colouring Sheet

Colouring Sheet of Bear with Heart Balloons

This free printable Adobe PDF format Valentines Day colouring page for kids shows a cute teddy being carried along by some heart shaped balloons. Help him to deliver his important Valentine message by colouring him in or painting him and don’t forget to be creative with the sky and the landscape too.

Preview of Valentines Day Teddy Bears Colouring Sheet

Colouring Sheet of Two Bears with a Heart

These two bears have a simple message for February 14th. Can you think of a design or pattern for the background of this colouring sheet? …. more hearts maybe? … flowers? … you could even decorate the sheet with glue and glitter. Grab some paints, felt tips or crayons and get busy creating a one-off masterpiece for somebody important to you.

Preview of Valentines Day Chocolates Colouring Sheet

Colouring Sheet of Heart Shaped Chocolates

Fourteen chocolates for the 14th ! …. chocolates are a very popular gift on February 14th (along with red roses like those below). There are plenty of shapes and patterns in this chocolate box colouring sheet to create a colourful work of art perfect as a gift for a friend, relative or parent.

Preview of Valentines Day Roses Colouring Sheet

Colouring Sheet of a Dozen Roses

A dozen red roses is a traditional gift between lovers on St. Valentine’s Day. This bunch of flowers is in a vase and whilst red roses are traditional you can – of course – colour them however you like with your favourite pencils, crayons and paints to create your own unique bouquet. This free printable Valentines Day colouring page has a blank message card attached to it so children can write in their own personalised message for the recipient … how about ‘Please Be My Valentine’ ?

Preview of Blank Valentines Day Colouring Sheet

Colouring Sheet with a Frame of Hearts and Flowers

This printable ‘Happy Valentines Day’ colouring page has a frame of hearts and flowers with plenty of blank space for a child to draw or paint their own colourful image …. and don’t forget to colour the hearts and flowers in the frame too!

Preview of Valentines Day Hearts Colouring Sheet

Colouring Sheet of Heart Shapes

This is a very simple colouring page consisting of one large heart and several small hearts which would suit very young children (nursery age) who can enjoy colouring in all of the hearts and maybe colouring the individual letters too. Go on! … get scribbling … get colourful … get glittery.

IMPORTANT WARNING & DISCLAIMER: this site is many many MANY YEARS OUT OF DATE and is no longer being updated or maintained. It is provided free as an ARCHIVE ONLY.
IMPORTANT WARNING & DISCLAIMER: this site is many many MANY YEARS OUT OF DATE and is no longer being updated or maintained. It is provided free as an ARCHIVE ONLY.
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