True or False Quiz for May 2020

Good luck ...

Question 1: When Google was secretly developing its Gmail service in the early 2000s the project was given the code name 'Moose'.
Question 2: A temperature of 100 degrees Celsius is hotter than a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
Question 3: In 2018 the USA's Joey Chestnut broke the world record for eating hot dogs by scoffing down 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes. That record has never been broken.
Question 4: 'Azure', 'Bondi' and 'Cambridge' are all shades of blue.
Question 5: This is the national flag of Iceland ...
image of a flag with a red cross on a blue background
Question 6: In sport, a heptathlon is a contest made up of seven events.
Question 7: The very first words that Mickey Mouse spoke in a cartoon were "Oh Boy!".
Question 8: 'unnecesary' is the correct spelling for the word that means something that is not needeed.
Question 9: The world famous crime writer Agatha Christie wrote over 500 detective novels.
Question 10: The name of Pixar's smaller lamp mascot is 'Luxo Jr'.