True or False Quiz for March 2020

Good luck ...

Question 1: Ariana Grande was born in New York.
Question 2: After Instagram launched in 2010 it gained 50 million users in its first year.
Question 3: In the early 1900s the new film industry was so glamorous that people would perform dangerous stunts for free just to be in a movie.
Question 4: An arboretum is a botanical garden devoted to flowers and small shrubs.
Question 5: In Buddhism, the word 'sangha' refers to a community of monks or nuns.
Question 6: We always think of the sun as being yellow but it's actually white.
Question 7: The popular tourist attraction 'Saint Basil's Cathedral' is located in Italy.
Question 8: In Greek mythology, Argus was a one-eyed monster.
Question 9: In musical notation a whole note is called a 'semibreve'.
Question 10: A standard Scrabble board is divided into a 25 x 25 grid of squares.