True or False Quiz for June 2020

Good luck ...

Question 1: 'Grand Pianos' are typically used for classical music concerts and chamber music, and often pop concerts too. The smallest version of a grand piano is called a 'baby grand'.
Question 2: Although lizards are a successful group of reptiles found all over the world (in many different climates) there are less than 200 species.
Question 3: Coldplay's first concert tour was called the 'A Rush of Blood to the Head' Tour.
Question 4: The UK's Tea & Infusions Association recommend that tea be brewed for 5 to 6 minutes for the perfect cup of tea.

Question 5: This is  the national flag of Chile ...

image of a red and white flag for true or false quiz
Question 6: We commonly use the heart symbol as a sign of love. The first known use of a heart as a symbol of romantic love can be traced back to the 1200s (i.e. around 800 years ago).

Question 7: The wildebeest (a large African antelope) is also known as the gnu.

image of a gnu
Question 8: In the game of tennis, when the players tie their score at 40-40 it is known as 'deuce'.
Question 9: The phrase or saying 'to spin a yarn' means to tell a long and questionable story.
Question 10: 'Pharoahs' is the correct spelling for the word that describes the monarchs of Ancient Egypt.