True or False Quiz for January 2020

Good luck ...

Question 1: 
image of a leafcutter ant carrying a leaf

Leafcutter ants do not eat the leaves that they cut and carry to their nest.
Question 2: 'Stethascope' is the correct spelling for this item of medical equipment ...

image of a doctors stethoscope
Question 3: This is the national flag of Canada ...

Question 4: When using the '24 hour clock system' for telling the time, 23:45hrs is the same time as 15 minutes before midnight.
Question 5: The capital city of Denmark is Amsterdam.
Question 6: The two female characters in 'Scooby Doo' cartoons are called Daphne Dinkley and Velma Blake.
Question 7: This piece of gymnastic equipment is called the 'parallel bars' ...
image of stick man on parallel bars
Question 8: Many animals get a build-up of earwax. On the internet it is dog earwax that has been documented the most.

Question 9: There are one million pixels in a megapixel (MP).
image of screen pixels

Question 10: Rainbows are usually made from the light of the sun, but rainbows can also be made from the light of the Moon.