True or False Quiz for February 2020

Good luck ...

Question 1:
image of a school of dolphins

A group of dolphins can be called a 'school' or a 'pod'.
Question 2: 'Diamund' is the correct spelling for this precious stone ...

image of a sparkling diamond
Question 3: This is the national flag of Spain ...

Question 4: Venus is the closest planet to our sun.
Question 5: The capital city of Spain is Barcelona.
Question 6: In the computer-animated film Toy Story 2, the name of the toy penguin with a broken squeaker is 'Wheezy'.
Question 7: A basketball team is usually made up of 7 players.

image of a boy holding a basketball
Question 8: Most of the air that we breathe out is carbon dioxide.
Question 9: Headphones were invented over 100 years ago.

image of music headphones
Question 10: Biomes (pronounced bye-omes) are areas of our planet with similar plants, animals, climates and landscapes.