True or False Quiz for December 2019

Good luck ...

Question 1: Bats are the only mammals that are capable of proper flight. 

image of bats silhouetted against an orange moon
Question 2: 'Shoal' is the correct spelling for a group of fish ...
image of a shoal of blue fish
Question 3: This is the national flag of Australia ...

Question 4: It takes 8 seconds for light to travel from the Sun to the Earth.
Question 5: The capital city of Canada is Toronto.
Question 6: 'Finding Nemo' has a running time of 93 minutes making it the longest animation that Pixar have released.
Question 7: Kendo is the name of the traditional Japanese martial art in which the two opponents use protective armour and bamboo swords. 

image of a kendoka practicing kendo
Question 8: A human hand has 27 bones.
Question 9: The first smartphone that Google released was called the 'Pixel'.
image of four smartphones
Question 10: Typhoons, cyclones and hurricanes are all types of tropical storms.