True or False Quiz for April 2020

Good luck ...

Question 1: 
image of elephants walking in a line in silhouette

African elephants grow up to be bigger than Asian elephants.

Question 2: Bananna is the correct spelling for this fruit ...

image of a yellow banana

Question 3: This is the national flag of France ...


Question 4: A leap year occurs ever four years. In a leap year, the month of February has 29 days instead of 28 days.
Question 5: The capital city of Italy is Florence.
Question 6: Snow White was the very first Disney Princess to appear in an animation.
Question 7: A standard golf course has 18 holes.
image of a golfer hitting a golf ball down the green
Question 8: The taste buds on our tongue only live for around 10 days before they are replaced with new taste buds.
Question 9: The Apple iPhone celebrated its 10th birthday in 2020.
image of an iphone displaying happy birthday text
Question 10: The terms 'weather' and 'climate' mean the same thing.