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More Trivia Quiz Questions

Teenagers copying answers from a friend

Here’s our second page of free printable trivia quiz questions and general knowledge questions for kids and teenagers in printer-friendly Adobe PDF format. If you were looking for our most current collection of free kids quizzes on the web then please click on the link at the very bottom of this page and you’ll be magically and immediately transported thereto.

All of our free printable trivia quiz sheets for teens and children contain either 10 or 20 GK brainteasers covering a broad range of random general knowledge topics from history, geography, science and spelling to trivia questions on celebrities, movies, cartoons and modern culture. All questions are multiple choice which give very young children a good chance …. although older children and teenagers always appreciate a little help too!

Popularity of our free printable trivia and general knowledge quizzes continues to grow and we’re always happy to receive feedback and appreciation for our printable freebies. Please continue to e-mail us with your suggestions so that we can continue to improve the quality and popularity of our content.

   Age 4 to Age 6    These quizzes are far too difficult for kids age 4, age 5 and age 6
   Age 7   No
   Age 8   Unlikely
   Age 9   Maybe
   Age 10   Possibly
   Age 11   Quite likely
   Age 12   Perfect
   Teenagers    Suitable for teenagers up to around age 15 or age 16

Kids’ and Teens’ Trivia Quiz No.10 (October 2010)

Another free collection of 20 multiple choice trivia questions for kids in printable PDF format. October’s GK puzzle sheet includes questions about the Commonwealth Games, the animated movie ‘Despicable Me’, MTV Video Music Awards, Hollywood celebs and the speed of light.

Children’s Trivia Quiz No.9 (September 2010)

Quiz No. 9 contains the usual mixture of random facts and figures including questions about Porsche sports cars, Kylie Minogue, what a Meteorologist does, and Ben and Jerry’s rather fantastic ice cream. There’s some geography, history and spelling questions too.

Children’s Trivia Quiz No.8 (July 2010)

including a question about Bart and Lisa Simpson, the most excellent Gorillaz pop group, spelling, the 2010 football World Cup, clouds, cling film, and white cats with blue eyes !

Kids’ and Teens’ Trivia Quiz No.7 (June 2010) includes general knowledge questions about random topics including celebrities, the British Royal Family, recycling (the environmental impact of plastic carrier bags!), Harry Potter, biology and maths.

Children’s Trivia Quiz No.6 (May 2010) includes brain teasers and trivia about Halley’s Comet, the history of digital cameras, Lady Gaga’s eating habits, LEGOLAND, and even the name of President Obama’s pet dog.

Children’s Trivia Quiz No.5 (April 2010) with 20 multiple choice questions for young people on random GK subjects including:

  • the number of legs on a crab,
  • the name of the first ever satellite,
  • the benefits of recycling,
  • the first story that J.K. Rowling ever wrote.

Kids’ and Teens’ Trivia Quiz No.4 (March 2010) including 20 multiple choice questions about:

  • Henry the Eighth and his Six Wives,
  • the number of sides on a heptagon,
  • the phonetic alphabet,
  • the first year Bugs Bunny appeared in a cartoon.

Childrens Trivia Quiz No. 3 (February 2010) with GK brainteasers about:

  • the number of atoms that would fit across a full stop,
  • the correct name for the Statue of Liberty,
  • the smallest bone in the human body,
  • biggest selling album of the last decade.

Childrens Trivia Quiz No.2 (January 2010) including trivia and general knowledge questions about:

  • when Homer Simpson met Simon Cowell,
  • the size of African and Asian elephants’ ears,
  • the eating habits of koala bears,
  • how fast the wind has to be if it’s to be classified as a hurricane.

Childrens Trivia Quiz No.1 (December 2009) including trivia questions about:

  • the original name for the fizzy drink Pepsi,
  • the Guiness World Record for breath holding,
  • the amount of hydrogen burnt by the sun every second,
  • David Tennant as Dr Who.

Don’t forget about our newest collection of free trivia quiz sheets for children and teenagers.

IMPORTANT WARNING & DISCLAIMER: this site is many many MANY YEARS OUT OF DATE and is no longer being updated or maintained. It is provided free as an ARCHIVE ONLY.
IMPORTANT WARNING & DISCLAIMER: this site is many many MANY YEARS OUT OF DATE and is no longer being updated or maintained. It is provided free as an ARCHIVE ONLY.
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