Printable Treasure Map for Fundraiser

image of a treasure chest full of gold coins

Our Treasure Map for Fund-Raisers is a quick and fun idea; it makes a simple addition to any charity event or fund raising event. We’ve done all the hard work so it’s as simple as printing off the free treasure map, blank competitor’s grid and advertising poster and then deciding how much money to charge per go. Visitors to your fundraiser need to choose a grid reference from the pirate treasure map where they think the treasure may be hidden (e.g. C5 or E2) and then write their name and contact details on the blank grid sheet in the corresponding square. You should decide in advance of your fund raising event whether you will have already chosen the winning square or whether you will draw it at random once all (or most) of the squares have been chosen.

image of a printable treasure map for fundraising

Printable Treasure Map for Fund Raising

Here’s the first free printable you’ll need for this particular money raising idea; it’s a pirate treasure map divided into a grid. Please print it off in colour and in A3 size or it will be too small. At A3 size the map will make an easy addition to any tabletop in (say) a school hall or community building. Visitors to your fund raiser then pay to choose a grid square where they think the treasure may be found. Don’t forget that it may be at the bottom of the sea as well as on an island.

image of blank fund raising treasure map for recording contact details

Blank Treasure Map for Contact Details

This sheet needs to be printed on A3 paper too. Use it to record the contact details of the children or adults that pay to take part in your fundraiser i.e. if somebody chooses square C5 on the treasure map above you’ll write their contact details in square C5 on this blank grid so you can contact them later if they are the winner. Usually all of the island squares will be chosen first but do remind the visitors to your fund raising stall or table that the treasure may equally be somewhere in the sea … it’s not necessarily ‘buried treasure’ that their seeking … it could even be inside a whale!

image of a blank pirate themed sheet for fundraising

Blank Treasure Map Poster

Use this blank printable poster to advertise the price of having a go at your ‘Find The Treasure’ game and also what the prize will be. It’s designed to be printed at A4 size.

Other ‘instant’ fund raising ideas we can offer include a Guess the Name of the Teddy Template complete with lots of teddy bear names for people to choose. All you need to do is find a cute teddy bear to give as a prize to the winner.