Terms of Use

Our plan is that everything will remain free to print or download including all of our children’s colouring pages, quizzes and puzzle sheets. The only way we can make this happen however is if our visitors play by the rules and only use our content for personal use, educational use or general ‘not for profit’ purposes. If you have any doubts then just ask us; we’re always happy to stretch the rules as much as possible but we do have boundaries.

Our content including but not limited to quiz sheets, reviews, kids’ colouring pages, puzzle sheets, educational material and reviews;

(1) may be saved digitally to a storage device or printed off as hard copies for personal and educational use (including use by colleges, schools, kindergartens, educational facilities, youth groups and voluntary groups) but may NOT be used for any kind of profit making activity or for any commercial activity. Use for general school ‘fund raising’ is fine, along with raising money for charity.

(2) must NOT be downloaded to other websites or displayed on other websites (including by the use of frames) and must not be published in any format. (We have found one of our colouring pages in a book being sold on Amazon!) In other words PLEASE LINK TO OUR RESOURCES … DO NOT DOWNLOAD THEM TO YOUR OWN WEBSITE.

(3) may NOT be amended or altered in any way except for the purpose for which they are clearly intended. The copyright symbol and text (if applicable) must always be visible on any hard copies used for whatever purpose.

(4) does NOT come with any assurance that it is correct, complete, factual, accurate, complete, unbiased, up to date, or error free. Our content must not be relied upon for any purpose but if you spot any errors, problems or inconsistencies then please let us know immediately.