Telling the Time Worksheets

Child telling the time

We have created some free printable Adobe PDF format Telling The Time Worksheets to help schools and parents to teach children the important skill of telling the time from a traditional clock face with a minute hand and an hour hand. Our blank sheet (with nine clock-faces) is particularly suitable for teachers constructing a personalised ‘learning to tell the time’ lesson plan or maybe a quiz …. whether you decide to draw in the hands and challenge the pupils to write down the time, or vice versa. They’re all useful additions to time workbooks or class study packs that you may be creating.

Preview of blank telling the time worksheet

Telling The Time – Blank Worksheet

This A4 handout simply contains 9 clockfaces without an hour hand or minute hand; the numbers are digits and not roman numerals which can be rather confusing to children taking their first steps in telling the time.

This blank sheet can be used for all skill levels from absolute beginners to more advanced. Teachers can decide exactly how much information they will provide in advance and how much the pupil is expected to provide. It’s useful for a quick ‘telling the time quiz’ too.

Preview of blank telling the time worksheet whole hours

Telling The Time – Whole Hours Worksheet

Children usually start learning to tell the time by familiarising themselves with simple ‘whole hour’ times or ‘o clock’ times like 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock, etc., which provides them with a valuable solid foundation in reading a clock face and understanding the significance of the position of the hour hand and the minute hand.

This free worksheet provides 9 examples of ‘whole hour’ times with plenty of space to write down the answer.

Preview of blank telling the time worksheet half past the hour

Telling The Time – Half Hours Worksheet

A good step forward from whole hour times is half hours, so this printable page shows the clock faces 30 minutes after those times shown on the previous sheet.

It’s possible to vary the complexity of these questions by (for example) asking children to write down the answer in a ‘digital clock’ format or in a 24hr clock format after telling them whether the time shown on the clock face is in the morning (a.m.) or in the afternoon (p.m.).

Preview of blank telling the time worksheet quarter to the hour

Telling The Time – ‘Quarter to the Hour’ Worksheet

Another 15 minutes has passed since the times shown on the sheet above which gives us the opportunity to learn about ‘Quarter to’ times, ’15 minutes to’ times, or the concept of being 45 minutes past a whole hour such as “three forty five” as shown on the first clock face.

We’re staggered by the popularity of these ‘telling the time’ worksheets …. they’re always somewhere in our Top 5 free downloads and they’re used in an endless variety of ways from making study packs or workbooks to creating quiz sheets. Let us know if there are any additional time or clockface resources that we can create to help you at kindergarten, in the class or at home.