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Printable Stranger Danger Worksheets (Page 2 of 2)

girl being stalked by stranger in the shadows

You’ve found our second page of free printable Stranger Danger Worksheets and colouring pages consisting of 13 printable Adobe PDF format worksheets. If you need the first few pages in the set then visit our other page of free Stranger Danger Worksheets.

in the majority of instances of child abduction, child cruelty or child abuse the offender is somebody that the child (or the child’s parents) already knows and who may even be in a position of considerable trust or responsibility.

Our free ‘stranger danger’ worksheets and colouring pages relate specifically to abduction by a stranger who is not known to the child or the family. They do not cover the issues of abuse by strangers (e.g. being told to keep a secret) OR abduction, abuse or harm by somebody known to the child such as a relative or family friend.

Our ‘stranger danger’ worksheets are offered freely and in good faith and must only be used to assist with, and to act as prompts for, your own formal ‘stranger danger’ lessons or instruction. The advice on our free worksheets is not guaranteed to be current, complete, best practice or reliable. Only YOU know what is appropriate, proportional or relevant for the child or children you are instructing about safety.

Preview of Printable Stranger Danger Worksheet - simple rules to stay safe

Simple Rules to Stay Safe

There is endless advice about ‘stranger danger’ on the World Wide Web and endless lists of ‘rules’. We have condensed this printable worksheet and colouring page to include (in our personal opinion) five of the more important and memorable rules.

The one which states ‘never take anything from a stranger’ is important for several reasons including that it ensures that a child does not put themselves in arms length of a stranger who may then be able to touch them or grab them.

Preview of Printable Stranger Danger Worksheet - warning signals

Warning Signals

This stranger danger worksheet teaches children about the tell-tale signs which may indicate that an adult is trying to trick them, groom them or lure them into a dangerous situation.

Of course, strangers make comments to our children all the time and we must not condition our kids to panic every single time this happens. The odds are that when an 87 year old lady sitting on a park bench says “That’s a lovely dolly dear. Does she have a name?” there’s no immediate threat. However we must condition our children to spot the warning signals and act appropriately.

This exercise needs close supervision.

Preview of Printable Stranger Danger Worksheet - yell and tell

Yell and Tell

You’ll find numerous versions of ‘Yell and Tell’ on the internet so it’s worth doing some research to see which phrases and rhymes would suit your child or children the best. There’s “Yell, Run, Tell” and “Yell, Run, Go Tell” and “NO! GO! YELL! TELL!” to name a few.

Kids love yelling ! … practice this until they’re absolutely exhausted ! Role playing ‘stranger danger’ scenarios gives children the confidence to be loud and assertive when they genuinely need to be.

Preview of Printable Stranger Danger Worksheet - time to fight back

Time to Fight Back

Sometimes the only choice a child has is to fight back. This worksheet suggests some self defence actions that children can take to try and buy themselves some more time or even escape.

When facing an attacker (particularly in an isolated location) there are risks associated with turning your back on them and trying to run for safety. If you are not quick enough – or if your route takes you somewhere unknown or even more isolated – then you risk being chased and grabbed from behind which could knock you to the ground and leave you vulnerable. This exercise needs close supervision. THINK CAREFULLY ABOUT the advice that you give to children about escaping from an attacker. Their priority is to run for safety but not if this were to put them in even greater danger.

Preview of Printable Stranger Danger Worksheet - be confident be aware

Be Confident Be Aware

This sheet provides further safety advice to children with an emphasis on taking responsibility for their own actions and being aware of their surroundings when they are not with a trusted adult.

As an extension to our ‘Simple Rules to Stay Safe’ sheet (above) this printable page also asks children to think about the steps they can take to stay safe so this activity needs close supervision.

Preview of Printable Stranger Danger Worksheet - what would you do?

What Would You Do If …..?

Useful for ‘stranger danger’ role play or group discussions, this worksheet asks children to think in advance about how they would react to a stranger asking them a question or trying to trick them. There’s a few lost aliens and a UFO to be coloured in too.

Closely supervise this activity to ensure that children’s answers are appropriate and so that they can properly explore the issues.

Preview of Printable Stranger Danger Worksheet - Are you prepared?

Are You Prepared? 

Our final worksheet and ‘stranger danger’ colouring sheet prompts children to think about various scenarios and what the safest response would be. There are – of course – an unlimited number of dangerous or potentially dangerous situations that kids may face so you may wish to let them come up with their own suggestions.

This final activity needs close supervision to ensure that children’s answers are properly thought through and appropriate.

Our resources are a ‘work in progress’ so we welcome your comments on the content, layout and style of our worksheets and how they could be improved. Please use the ‘Contact Us’ link below to get in touch.

IMPORTANT WARNING & DISCLAIMER: this site is many many MANY YEARS OUT OF DATE and is no longer being updated or maintained. It is provided free as an ARCHIVE ONLY.
IMPORTANT WARNING & DISCLAIMER: this site is many many MANY YEARS OUT OF DATE and is no longer being updated or maintained. It is provided free as an ARCHIVE ONLY.
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