Simple Ratios Worksheets

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Our free printable Introduction to Ratios Worksheets with answers are great classroom handouts for introducing some simple principles of ratios to young children. The ratios worksheets (answers included) are aimed at children age 7 to age 11 (KS2 maths / 2nd Grade-5th Grade maths) and can be a useful tool or resource for supporting a maths lesson on ratios and comparing numbers. In common with fractions, some kids can quickly make mathematical connections between different amounts while others may take a lot longer to understand the principles. The exercises are deliberately simplified to ensure that kids of all abilities can benefit from the classroom handouts, and the images help make the lesson sheets slightly less daunting.

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Simple Ratios Worksheets

Here’s our printable simple ratios worksheets (three pages) with maths exercises for younger children (KS2/ 2nd Grade-5th Grade) to introduce the basic idea of ratios and how they are written down and simplified. The first printable sheet for kids begins with a brief lesson on the principles of ratios and then invites children to answer some maths questions by comparing two amounts, after which there is room to write in their own examples. The second and third sheets then continue with the important maths principle of reducing ratios down to their simplest form and has a further worksheet exercise to test children’s understanding of simplifying ratios. The answer sheets are below.

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Answers to Simple Ratios Worksheet

Here are two pages which contain the answers to all the exercises on our ratios worksheets.

Whilst we like to use colour graphics on our worksheets to make them more interesting for kids we understand that many users will be printing them off in black and white. We consequently try to choose graphics that are suitable for printing in both colour and black and white without a significant loss of quality to the ratios worksheet.

The history of ratios is surprisingly complicated for a branch of maths that appears relatively simple. The word can be traced back to the Ancient Greeks (who were awesome at just about everything) and it was translated into Latin meaning ‘reason’ which of course makes way for the word rational. Euclid had a lot to say about ratios; not surprising as he was a a Greek mathematician who is credited with founding geometry.