Weather Colouring Pages by Others

Example image of a weather colouring page

Come rain or shine, we track down free printable children’s colouring pictures of the weather and the seasons for colourful school projects, making weatherboard symbols or just for some creative rainy day colouring or painting fun. Print out a collection of images from a summer sun with a big friendly smiley face or a stormy lightening cloud to a picture of a pile of leaves on a windy autumn (fall) day or a thick fog. Most of us look forward to a covering of snow in the winter so there are plenty of wintry scenes with children making snowmen.

Simple images of beautiful rainbows for kids to print and colour are always popular with young children while detailed pictures or scenes comparing the differences between the changing weather through the seasons are great for older children. With April showers come spring time flowers which are also a great opportunity for kids to get busy with crayons and paint. If you need printable symbols for a weather board then take a look at our fantastic collection of Free Printable Weather Symbols which includes images for sunny days, rainy days, snowy days, etc. We also have our very own collection of fun Weather Colouring Pictures too!

Frosty pattern of ice crystals

This nice collection of free Weather Colouring Pages also includes scenes from the four seasons of autumn (fall), spring, summer and winter. Images can be printed directly from the site or downloaded in high or low resolution. You’ll find sunny summer scenes at the beach, pictures of kids making snowmen, a child flying a kite, and leaves falling in the autumn. Along with other weather colouring pictures of the rain, rainbows and gale force winds there’s also a weather forecaster plus weather symbols for a children’s weather board including rain clouds, snow clouds and thunder clouds.

weather symbols of boots, coat, cloud and umbrella

The UK’s Met Office have free printable weather colouring pictures in PDF format. Get the crayons out and tackle a sun peeping from behind clouds or maybe children playing in the snow in a winter scene. There are snow flake patterns too, autumn leaves, lightning, rain and more.

Teachers can access lesson plans for Key Stage 1, 2, 3 & 4 covering the water cycle, seasons, weather around the world, etc. The Met Office have an Educational YouTube Weather Channel too with plenty of advice on how to carry out weather experiments plus information about climate change, our environment, plus weather forecasts especially created for children.

Weather symbols

These free Weather Crafts and Colouring resources are perfect for nursery age or pre-school age children, either for some scribbling fun or maybe for making a large weather themed collage. Pages include symmetrical snowflake patterns, happy raindrops, the sun, the wind blowing kites and a windmill plus some dot-to-dot. Search this site too for winter, autumn, summer and spring colouring pictures, activities, arts and crafts.

Pattern of umbrella symbols

The very colourful and world famous Crayola people have some excellent weather colouring pictures to print out plus plenty of images of the seasons too. Try some spring flowers and butterflies in the sunshine or maybe a beach, sun and sand picture to remind us of a hot summer. Our favourite is the snowman and cat in a wintry scene. What you’ll really love about this site is that you can create and print your own colouring pages using an on-line design tool.

Frosty pattern of ice crystals

The free Colouring Pages & Handwriting Sheets at First School come in variety of weather themes and seasonal themes perfect for pre-school and junior school age children. The weather alphabet themes include ‘U for Umbrella’ and ‘S for Snow’ …… fun and educational for any days of the year.

Weather symbols

Great for nursery, pre-school or primary school, these printer friendly kids’ Weather Flashcards include art work symbolising ‘warm’ (a child looking hot), ‘cold’ (child dressed in warm clothes), ‘windy’ (a tree blowing in the wind) and other symbols. They’re printable as 1 inch/2 inch cards for flashcards or weatherboards, or as large kids’ colouring pictures.

Pattern of umbrella symbols

High quality weather pictures from Scholastic Printables include fog, smog, cloud, rain and sun clip art images and symbols which are perfect for a school classroom weather forecast or weatherboard. Other free PDF format printer friendly colouring pictures include scenes from the four seasons like sledging and hot sunny days; there’s a template for a weather mobile too.

Many Scholastic resources require a subscription but there are plenty of FREE children’s resources and activity sheets here too !