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Seasonal Colouring, Quizzes and Activities

image of four children in four different seasons

From the cries of “Happy New Year!” on January the 1st through to the Christmas fun and games (and food!) on December 25th everybody enjoys the seasons, rituals, customs and holidays that fall throughout the year. Below you’ll find links to all of our web pages which have seasonal and holiday themes including Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Bonfire Night (November 5th).

Some pages include original content (such as our printable Christmas activity booklet for kids, our Christmas quiz questions and Easter colouring pages) whilst others will include helpful links to other websites (like Halloween) where you can access seasonal children’s colouring pages and other cool internet resources and printables.

happy mothers day message logo

Choose one of our free Mother’s Day Colouring Pages to create a colourful and personalised gift for a special mum (or maybe a grandmother) on Mother’s Day. Take your pick from our printable collection of cute bears, pretty flowers, butterflies or maybe get creative and create your own image on our blank template.

image of a dad relaxing in a chair on fathers day

Choose from our selection of Father’s Day Colouring Pages which are suitable for very young children, pre-schoolers and older children to colour in or maybe decorate in a creative and original way. Brighten up a dad’s special day with our loveable bears or maybe choose a colourful sailing boat or hot air balloon design.

image of a pig as a valentine cupid

For February 14th, use our Saint Valentine’s Day Colouring Sheets to create some colourful artwork for important friends, relatives and parents in your life. Show them how much you care by choosing some cute bears bears, tasty chocolates, flowers or maybe get busy with the crayons on a personalised Valentine themed frame.

image of an easter bunny bursting out of an egg

Our Free Easter Colouring Pages have original images of new born Spring chicks, Easter lilies, baby lambs and eggs (either decorated or patterned) or maybe choose a simple printable Easter egg outline for kids’ own designs … a great opportunity to find the paints, glitter and glue! You know we love quizzes so we have a free printable Easter Quiz Sheet too.

image of spring flowers with insects and a warm sun

The arrival of warmer weather and budding branches mean that it must be time to print out our unique and seasonal collection of Spring Coloring Pages to help celebrate the wonderful arrival of Spring and all of the precious new life and colours that it brings. This time of year is also when the Eurovision Song Contest takes place so you’ll need our Printable Eurovision Song Contest Scorecard to add some fun to this annual event which is always a feast for the eyes and ears!

image of a penguin on holiday in the sun

We’re currently working on some summer holiday printables with a Summer Vacation and Travel theme. There’s not just the usual pictures of a ‘bucket and spade’ family beach holiday but also a theme park coloring page (showing the entrance to Disney World) and also a family enjoying a city break.

image of children doing trick or treat on halloween

When October 31st arrives our spooky Halloween Colouring Pages are perfect for parties or classroom activities. We’ve also hunted out some links to other websites with images of vampires and witches, ghosts and goblins … so brighten up your Halloween celebrations with some scary colouring sheets, printable activity booklets and spooky games and if you want to Grow Your Own Pumpkin in a Growbag then we have a step-by-step guide to great results.

image of a cartoon vampire on halloween with bat

For a Halloween party or maybe some spooky fun time in the classroom try our Printable Halloween Activities which are a small collection of themed activity sheets for young children including a Halloween word search, a spooky silhouette ‘Spot The Difference’ sheet, and a printable spider’s web maze. We have a few howling Halloween Jokes for you to enjoy too

image of fireworks in a night sky for november 5th bonfire night

For November 5th in the UK, July 4th in the USA, or maybe even Chinese New Year, these free Colouring Pages of Fireworks and Bonfires let children create their own exciting colourful displays with plenty of whizzes, bangs and explosions. There’s important firework safety advice too to help keep kids safe when having fun.

image of poppies in a field for remembrance day

For November 11th we have Remembrance Day Coloring Pages to help understand the significance of Poppy Day. Images include the Cenotaph in London and a field full of poppies inspired by the famous war poem “In Flanders Fields” written by John McCrae.

image of santa in a sleigh with happy holidays message

HO!HO!HO! We have our own festive collection of free printable Christmas Colouring Pages which are ‘free for kids’ and include festive images of reindeer at the North Pole, Santa flying in his sleigh, a decorated Christmas tree and a cosy fireplace all ready for a special visitor on Christmas Eve.

image of a christmas pudding for christmas activities and games

Our handy printable Christmas Activities and Games workbook for kids contains some festive puzzles, word searches, crosswords and even some Christmas maths questions. There are some Christmas Cracker Xmas jokes too plus festive anagrams and a cut-out tic-tac-toe game to play with a friend. Yours free to print and enjoy.

image of santa checking his naughty and nice list

Our popular and fun Printable Christmas Quizzes for children contain Christmas general knowledge and trivia quiz questions for some instant Xmas fun at school or at home. We have two versions – one with multiple choice questions and answers and one without. We also have some Family Christmas Quizzes for extra Xmas cheer including our annual Twitter Popularity Quiz for those with an eye on social media.

image of an elf delivering post to santa

Print off our handy free Letter To Santa Template and your children’s Christmas mail to the North Pole will arrive with Father Christmas quicker than you can say Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen. Our free printable blank template letter to Santa is festively decorated and has plenty of space to write down a present wish-list.

image of a dog and happy new year message

Countdown to the 2022 New Year celebrations with our growing collection of free 2022 New Year Colouring Pages which include themed printable PDF format New Year colouring sheets ( plus one blank sheet) for kids to create their own 2022 Hogmanay masterpiece.

Feliz Ano Neuvo, Bonne Annee or Chu Shen Tan. However you say it, we hope you have a very safe and very happy New Year !

IMPORTANT WARNING & DISCLAIMER: this site is many many MANY YEARS OUT OF DATE and is no longer being updated or maintained. It is provided free as an ARCHIVE ONLY.
IMPORTANT WARNING & DISCLAIMER: this site is many many MANY YEARS OUT OF DATE and is no longer being updated or maintained. It is provided free as an ARCHIVE ONLY.
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