Drawing Pages of Rainforest Animals

drawing of a rainforest with toucan

The free printable drawing practice pages for kids below are themed on five threatened or endangered animals of the rainforests i.e. jaguar, tapir, tree frog, parrot and emerald boa snake. Each page has a simple outline of an endangered animal on a small grid, and children can practice their drawing and copying skills by enlarging it on to the bigger grid and then colouring it in if they wish.

Our free drawing practice pages are great for cross-curriculum working so (for example) a school project on threatened or endangered rainforest animals can be extended into an art lesson where children can improve their drawing and copying whilst remaining focussed on the plight of the rainforests. Also visit our page on Endangered Animals Colouring Pictures which not only relates to creatures of the South American Amazon but other habitats under threat including the arctic and oceans.

Preview of Rainforest Animal Drawing Practice Page - Tapir

Open the Tapir Drawing Page in a new window in PDF format. You can then print the picture or save it to the hard drive on your PC.

The tapir is a large mammal with a short strong snout which is used to forage for his favourite foods which include leaves, fruits and berries. There are four different species of tapir and they can grow up to about 2 metres long and approaching 1 metre tall. Weighing up to 300kg they love to spend time in (and under) water if it’s available either to cool off, feed or stay safe from predators. Baby tapirs have stripes and spots to help them stay camouflaged.
Preview of Rainforest Animal Drawing Practice Page - Jaguar

Jaguar Drawing Page

The jaguar is a secretive and solitary animal that likes to stay hidden in dense vegetation. It’s the third biggest of the ‘big cats’ (only lions and tigers are typically bigger) and can weigh up to around 100kg. Jaguars love swimming (tigers do to!) and they are often found in the vicinity of water

Preview of Rainforest Animal Drawing Practice Page - Tree Frog

Tree Frog Drawing Page

Tree frogs dwell in tall vegetation or high trees with many only climbing down to the ground to mate and lay legs. Some even reproduce in the trees (in special ‘foam nests’) so have no need to risk leaving the safety of the trees at all. Excellent camouflage makes them difficult for predators to find and some tree frogs can even change their colour to suit their rainforest environment.

Preview of Rainforest Animal Drawing Practice Page - Parrot

Parrot Drawing Page

Not all parrots have beautiful bright multi-coloured plumage; those that live in rainforests are quite often just a variety of green colours to make them camouflaged. Feeding on fruit, seeds, fungi, insects, etc. many rainforest parrots are nocturnal meaning that they are active at night only.
Preview of Rainforest Animal Drawing Practice Page - Emerald Tree Boa Snake

Emerald Boa Snake Drawing Page

Don’t worry, he’s not venomous. The emerald boa enjoys eating small mammals and will also grab a frog or small bird if he has the chance. Growing nearly 2m long the emerald boa hunts the rainforests at night (nocturnal) but because he has very slow digestion he may only have a meal every couple of months.