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Quizzes for Older Children and Teenagers

Two teenage girls sharing quiz answers

Need some questions for a quick quiz? … then you’ve come to the right place. This page brings you some great themed quizzes for teenagers and older children either in a multiple choice format (always incredibly popular!) or a ‘match the date to the event’ format. Each of the pages will contain ten themed questions (complete with ten answers of course) designed to be a entirely random and sometimes a little quirky to stimulate interest for teenagers or older children. To make the questions more difficult – or to encourage independent research – you can of course withold the multiple choice answers.

To date we can offer ……

  • first off, you might like to visit our unique Quiz About Teenagers which has ten general knowledge and trivia questions about the origin of the word ‘teenager’, 1960s slang, how much sleep a teen needs, spending habits, and much more.
  • our biology-based Human Body Quiz Questions provides ten quick-fire multiple choice questions or ‘True or False’ questions about the human body which are specially selected to be both informative and interesting.
  • not just a quiz for teens, most Whovians enjoy our Tenth Dr Who Quiz Questions with some tricky questions about David Tennant and his exploits as the tenth Dr Who across time and space. We have some questions about the other doctors like Peter Capaldi David Ecclestone and Matt Smith coming soon too.
  • teenagers are always hungry! ….. so let them tuck into our delicious Food Quiz Questions with ten random general knowledge puzzlers about fruit, vegetables, ice cream and even breakfast cereal. (Hard to believe that Kellogg’s products are made in 18 countries and sold in more than 180 countries!).
  • our British History Quiz Questions are in a slightly different format to our usual multiple choice layout. For this random historical brain teaser you need to try and match the historical event to the correct date …. not as easy as it first sounds.
  • “Whether the weather be fine, Or whether the weather be not, Whether the weather be cold, Or whether the weather be hot.” We’re sure you know the rest …. and our Weather Quiz Questions are perfect come rain, shine or fog. Actually, not fog, because you won’t be able to read them if it’s too thick.
  • whether it’s for GCSE Citizenship or general education about the UK’s government and parliamentary system, educators and teens may find our English Parliament Quiz Questions helpful. There are ten multiple choice questions which include questions about the Houses of Parliament, and important roles and procedures within UK government and parliament.
  • for teenagers’ religious education at school …. or just for general knowledge …. we have a handful of Quiz Questions about Religious Festivals and Dates which can be used as the basis for independent research. Includes Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Sikhism. Heavenly!
  • it’s not top secret, our James Bond Word Searches are great for 007 fans who want to spend some time tracking down the hidden answers. We have four printable A4 sheets covering James Bond movie titles, actors and directors, his famous cars and (of course!) Bond villains. “Pay attention Bond!…..

    More quizzes for teenagers and older children are on the way ………
IMPORTANT WARNING & DISCLAIMER: this site is many many MANY YEARS OUT OF DATE and is no longer being updated or maintained. It is provided free as an ARCHIVE ONLY.
IMPORTANT WARNING & DISCLAIMER: this site is many many MANY YEARS OUT OF DATE and is no longer being updated or maintained. It is provided free as an ARCHIVE ONLY.
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