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Quiz Questions about Cartoon Awards and Accomplishments

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Welcome to our page with quiz questions about cartoon awards and cartoon accomplishments. Animation has come a long way. Think back to 1919 when Otto Mesmer’s ‘Felix the Cat’ became the first animated film star, or 1922 when ‘Steamboat Willy’ gave Mickey Mouse his movie debut. Then fast-forward to 1988 when ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ became the first major movie to have cartoon characters and live-action share the screen together. (Roger gets in a mention in our ten multiple choice quiz questions below). Now consider the photo-realistic high-res CGI (computer-generated imagery) that we now expect from every modern animation and movie – you know it well – it’s that mind-bending eye-popping CGI that makes you lean in to the person sitting next to you and whisper in their ear “Is that real or animated?”. A bit awkward if you went to the cinema on your own.

So it was a long time coming but eventually the Oscar people warmed to the idea of recognising animated movie masterpieces and in 2002 the category of ‘Best Animated Feature’ was awarded for the first time. Of course that’s a really big deal for the animation studio that takes it home but our free multiple choice quiz questions about cartoon awards and achievements don’t just focus on those much coveted lumps of shiny metal handed out by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. We’ve got multiple choice quiz questions about Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, the naming of asteroids, statues and other accolades.

Thanks to Contributor WayTooLate for these ten ‘cartoon achievement’ multiple choice quiz questions.

Question 1: Which Nickelodeon show’s spin-off movie was nominated for the first Oscar for ‘best feature-length animation’ in 2002?
(a) Spongebob Squarepants
(b) Fairly Odd Parents
(c) Jimmy Neutron

Question 2: The animated characters from which Pixar movie have presented awards for the Oscars?
(a) Toy Story
(b) Monsters Inc
(c) Cars

Question 3: As of June 2020 which one of these Disney Princesses had her name on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame?
(a) Snow White
(b) Cinderella
(c) Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Question 4: The Looney Tunes (and their original name of Merrie Melodies) have won several Oscars between 1947 and 1958 and have been nominated for many more between 1932 and 1963. Which member of the Looney Tunes has been in the most Oscar winning shorts?
(a) Bugs Bunny
(b) Daffy Duck
(c) Sylvester the Cat

Question 5: As of June 2020, which of these cartoon characters did NOT have their name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
(a) The Muppets
(b) The Flintstones
(c) Alvin and the Chipmunks

Question 6: Who was the first cartoon character to have a statue erected in their honour in 1937?
(a) Mickey Mouse
(b) Popeye
(c) Porky Pig

Question 7: As of June 2020 which Disney character did NOT have an asteroid named after them?
(a) Donald Duck
(b) Bambi
(c) Pinocchio

Question 8: Which cartoon character was the first to appear on a stamp?
(a) Bugs Bunny
(b) Goofy
(c) Betty Boop

Question 9: In 2008, which cartoon character became a Goodwill Ambassador?
(a) Tweety Bird
(b) Hello Kitty
(c) Mickey Mouse.

Question 10: ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ was a ground breaking movie. It was a Disney film so most of the characters were owned by Disney but which cartoon character(s) from another studio should have been in the movie but the creators failed to get the rights to do so in time?
(a) Tom and Jerry
(b) Richie Rich
(c) Snoopy

Answers to our Multiple Choice Quiz Questions about Cartoon Awards and Accomplishments

  1. c – Jimmy Neutron (it lost to the first Shrek movie)
  2. a – Toy Story (they presented Oscar awards twice, once in 2000 and once in 2016)
  3. a – Snow White (for her role in the first ever feature-length animated film)
  4. c – Sylvester the Cat (two of them were co-starring with Tweety and one was co-starring with Speedy Gonzales)
  5. b – The Flintstones (The Muppets’ star is for their role in feature films, and Alvin and the Chipmunks’ star is for their albums, TV shows and films. Kermit the Frog and Big Bird both also have individual stars on the Walk of Fame)
  6. b – Popeye (it was in Crystal City, Texas, known as the ‘Spinach Capital of the USA’)
  7. c – Pinocchio (there is also an asteroid named after Thumper and an asteroid named after Walt Disney himself called ‘Disneya’)
  8. a – Bugs Bunny
  9. b – Hello Kitty (she is the official Goodwill Tourism Ambassador to China and Hong Kong)
  10.  a – Tom and Jerry (along with Popeye, Olive Oil, Superman, Lois Lane and many others that were meant to be part of a scene where they attend Marvin Acme’s funeral (including such moments as Foghorn Leghorn giving a eulogy and Caspar the Ghost appearing and frightening everyone away) but it was eventually scrapped)
IMPORTANT WARNING & DISCLAIMER: this site is many many MANY YEARS OUT OF DATE and is no longer being updated or maintained. It is provided free as an ARCHIVE ONLY.
IMPORTANT WARNING & DISCLAIMER: this site is many many MANY YEARS OUT OF DATE and is no longer being updated or maintained. It is provided free as an ARCHIVE ONLY.
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