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We’ve created a free printable quantum mechanics word search following an email from one of our young visitors. It read “Dear www.free-for-kids.com. I enjoyed doing your word searches on Harry Potter characters and The Simpsons but was very sad to notice that you didn’t have a wordsearch for quantum mechanics. My favourite quantum physicist is Werner Heisenberg so please include him in the puzzle and mention my other favourite physicist Max Planck too.From Lucy Aged 5.

No ‘uncertainty principle’ for us! … we created one straight away. (The answers are included in the printable too).

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Quantum Mechanics Word Search

Just click the hyperlink above to enter the utterly bizarre world of quantum physics or – as Richard Feynman would describe it – ‘absurd’. It’s a world of entangled particles, which appear to be able to influence each other over infinitesimal distances, and a world where wave particle duality tells us that a particle may act like both a wave and a particle. But things just got a lot easier because all you need to do is print out the quantum mechanics word search and find twelve words …. not a paradox in sight!