Proper Noun Worksheets

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Our handy free Proper Nouns Worksheet for junior school or elementary school aged children is in printer friendly Adobe PDF format and provides an introduction to proper nouns in the English language. The explanatory text is supported by some proper noun exercises; the worksheet is intended as a follow-up to our Common Nouns Worksheet for kids.

Teachers and parents should note that this is a simple and basic introduction to proper nouns and how they may refer to the proper names of people, places or things. Words and sentence structure are kept as simple as possible to help children focus on the subject matter rather than being distracted by the meaning of the sentences. Older children may consequently feel that the content and proper noun exercises do not challenge them enough to make the exercise meaningful.

Preview of Proper Nouns Worksheet

Proper Nouns Worksheet

Our proper nouns worksheet for children is provided in Adobe PDF format to download or print by clicking the above link. The worksheet is a double-sided A4 sheet with a straightforward explanation of proper nouns followed by three proper noun exercises which challenge younger kids to classify and identify proper nouns (person, place or thing), and also to think up their own examples.

Preview of Proper Nouns Worksheet Answers

Answers For Proper Nouns Worksheet

The answer sheet is a straightforward copy of the above information/test sheet with the exception that all of the answers to the noun exercises are included. Parents and teachers will need to use their own judgement and discretion when marking Exercise 3 in which children are challenged to come up with their own sentences and include their own examples of proper nouns.