Printable TV Bingo Cards

image of old fashioned tv displaying the word bingo

Our free printable blank kids’ TV Bingo score cards/boards can turn any movie or TV programme into a fun event shared between friends and family. The idea of children’s TV Bingo is simple … each player has a score card which (instead of numbers) has a mixture of pictures of everyday objects that you might see at home, at school or out and about. Every time one of the players sees an object in the TV programme or movie they’re watching that matches an item on their card they shout out its name and then they cross it off their sheet. Eventually one of the TV Bingo players will be the first person to cross off all their pictures at which point they shout “BINGO!” and they are the winner.

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It’s not an uncommon problem with kids’ TV Bingo that some of the items never appear, so you might want to consider doing a timed game with whoever has crossed the most number of things off their bingo card at the end of the time being declared the winner. (Bear in mind also that the pictures are of everyday modern things so there’s no point sitting down to watch (for example) a dinosaur movie because they won’t see many cars or bicycles!) Alternatively you can give the players the chance to cross off one or two items before the game starts so they can choose which they feel are the most unlikely to appear.

We have provided five free printable TV Bingo boards for children but you can easily make more if required (which could be tailored to a particular programme or movie). Alternatively, if you have more than five kids playing, they can play in pairs which always makes the game more interesting and exciting. Our five boards are designed so that there can never be a draw so if you design your own remember to make each one unique. The other point to make clear to the players is that they don’t have to match the picture on the Bingo cards exactly … for example any car will do …. it doesn’t have to be red!

preview image of printable TV bingo card

Five Printable TV Bingo Boards

Just click the link above to open a PDF file which contains five free printable blank kids’ TV Bingo score cards/boards (Colour. A4 size). There are twenty images on each page. Some of the images are repeated on one or more cards (to make the game more fun) although no two Bingo cards are the same so there can never be a draw.