Printable Children’s Weather Symbols

Green umbrella as typical kids weather symbol

Our Free Printable Weather Symbols for children are perfect for using with weather boards, forecast maps, social stories, etc., at nursery, kindergarten, school or home. Easily printed onto card, the pictures can then be cut out and used by kids in a variety of ways including studying the seasons.

Each weather symbol comes in two versions – with text and without text – so you can choose the image which suits your project or application best. So far we’ve created printable symbols for sunny days, rainy days, snow, fog, frost, ice, and a few more but we also have our very own collection of unique Weather Colouring Pictures too for some colouring fun!

Preview Image of Printable Weather Symbols for a Snowy Day

Printable Snowy Day Weather Symbols

For a snowy day we can offer snowflake weather symbols or an image of a snowman. Maybe use the snowflakes on your weather board if there are just wintry flurries ….. and use the snowman picture if enough has settled on the ground to make a snowman.

Preview Image of Printable Weather Symbols for a Sunny Day

Printable Sunny Day Weather Symbols

Our two sunshine weather symbols are for a nice sunny day or partially cloudy day. You could choose the cheerful smiley yellow sun on the left for a clear cloudless day, whereas the other sun is hiding behind a cloud to show that it’s sunny but also a little cloudy too.

Preview Image of Printable Weather Symbols for a Windy Day

Printable Windy Day Weather Symbols

If it’s breezy outside then why not try flying a colourful kite? We’ve also included an image of a wind turbine which can generate environmentally friendly electricity on windy days.

Other ‘windy day’ pictures that kids could create for themselves might include leaves blowing off a tree or a flag flapping in the wind.

Preview Image of Printable Weather Symbols for a Hot Day

Printable Weather Symbols For A Hot Day

Our bright yellow blazing sun symbol is perfect for a weather board on some of the hottest days of the year. Our other free printable sun weather symbol is wearing sunglasses so he’s setting a good example to children by protecting his eyes with UV shades.

Preview Image of Printable Weather Symbols for a Stormy Day

Printable Weather Symbols For Thunder And Lightning

Thunder and lightning can worry young children so it’s good to talk about this dramatic and noisy aspect of weather as much as possible. There are some great science websites on the web that can help children to understand what makes all of the flashes and noises.

Preview Image of Printable Weather Symbols for a Rainy Day

Rainy Day Weather Symbols

Think of a wet rainy day and you can’t help but think of an umbrella! ….. so one of our free printable weather symbols is a smart black umbrella perfect for keeping you dry in a shower. There’s a dull grey rainy day cloud picture too with large raindrops.

Preview Image of Printable Weather Symbols for a Foggy Day

Foggy Day Weather Symbols

Everything magically vanishes on a foggy, misty or hazy day; it’s exciting and spooky at the same time ! One of our foggy day pictures shows a car hidden in the murkiness … luckily he he has his headlights on so other vehicles and pedestrians can see him coming. The other picture shows a city or town outline in the fog.

Preview Image of Printable Weather Symbols for Cold and Hail

Cold Day and Hail Weather Symbols

On a cold day it’s definitely time to dig out a hat, scarf and gloves to keep as warm as you possibly can when playing outside.

Hail is formed in cumulonimbus clouds and consists of lumps of ice that individually are known as hail stones. There’s nothing quite as dramatic or exciting as a noisy hail storm pelting down !

Preview Image of Printable Weather Symbols for a Cloudy Day

Cloudy Day Weather Symbols

Often there’s not much to say about the weather apart from the fact that “it’s cloudy”. We’ve consequently created two cloud pictures …. one with fluffy white clouds and one with gloomy grey clouds.

Preview Image of Printable Weather Symbols for a Rainbow

Rainbow Weather Symbols

If there’s sun and rain together then there’s always the chance of seeing a beautiful rainbow arching across the sky …. sometimes you may be lucky enough to see a double rainbow.

This sheet also includes two blank card outlines for children to use to create their own weather related images or symbols.