Pre-School Colour Worksheets

Five coloured pencils orange yellow red blue and green

These free printable Colour Worksheets are specifically for very young children (pre-school / pre-kindergarten / nursery). Each worksheet focuses on one specific colour (red, blue, green, yellow, orange or brown) and provides a basic ‘mirror image’ format for very young children to copy. Part of the exercise should involve them choosing the correct coloured pencil or crayon …. and colouring in the empty circle and empty text on the colour worksheet in the correct colour involves plenty of repetition with a single colour to reinforce their learning. It is important, of course, that the name of colour is repeated during the exercise and maybe also focus on each letter sound too.

Once they have copied the coloured circle and coloured text you have the option to extend the activity further in order to reinforce the learning experience. We have left plenty of white space on each of the colours worksheets so that children can expand the scope of their work either through further themed activities (e.g. specifically asking them to draw more red circles or 5 red tomatoes) or through an open-ended activity e.g. letting them use the colour red in whatever way they choose. Either way, it will be the repetition of the word which underpins the learning.

If you have a large collection of colouring pencils or wax crayons for kids to choose from then you’ll almost certainly have a wide variety of shades of colours too …. we’re continually amazed at just how many shades of green there are! All of those shades are yet more opportunities for your pre-schoolers to learn all about the world of colour ….. and it could be that you ask them to fill in the white space on the colours worksheets with as many shades of the main colour as possible. (Older children with special needs may get some benefit from these sheets too).