Our Archive of Odds and Ends

Man Holding Back Overflowing Store Cupboard

Welcome to our ‘Odds and Ends’ page where you will find a completely random collection of links to some of our newest projects, content well past its sell-by date, smart ideas and futuristic innovations that are either in development, under review or temporarily lacking a permanent home or suitably sized kennel.

You’ll find some great ideas in the making that may not necessarily inspire a nation or change the world … but they will be ‘free for kids’.

We’re trying to grow up a bit so we’re working on content exclusively for Grown Ups such as product reviews, gardening info, tech advice and retro music quizzes.

Our collection of Royalty Free Flower Photographs is just the start of a new project to bring you a library of royalty free images including plants, animals, vehicles, food and everyday objects.

The links on our Space Travel and Exploration page kick-start a comprehensive collection of learning resources about space travel, suns and planets, the universe and the Big Bang.

2012 was a busy year for the UK. If the secret to a happy life is indeed ‘something to do and something to look forward to’ then that must have been the year that the UK was the happiest place on earth! Here are the links to our 2012 Diamond Jubilee Activities and 2012 London Olympics Colouring Sheets until they’ve been properly archived. They’re still popular years after the event along with our 2012 Olympic Games Quiz Sheet for when the UK hosted the Summer Olympic Games.