Printable Mothers Day Colouring Pages

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Mums always love their children’s colouring! …. so there’s no better gift when Mothering Sunday arrives than one of our free to print Mother’s Day Colouring Pages which children can colour or paint however they choose to make a wonderful hand-made personal gift for their mother (or grandmother) (or special someone).

We have flower images of course but also some cute bears who are ready to be coloured in to deliver a “Happy Mother’s Day” message to a special mum on her special day.

Mothers Day is on 27th March 2022 in the UK (being the fourth Sunday of Lent) and then a little bit later on 8th May 2022 in the USA being the second Sunday in May. So it’s never too early to start printing and colouring … and preparing the fridge door for some colourful and unique works of art!

Preview of Mothers Day Colouring Page of Roses with Message

Colouring Page of a Vase of Flowers

This colouring sheet has an image of a bunch of roses in a vase; they’d look great coloured red but roses come in other colours too including pink, yellow and burgundy.

We’ve left the message card blank so that children can write in their own personal message such as ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ or ‘I love you Mum’ or maybe even a big ‘Thank You’.

Preview of Mothers Day Colouring Page of Bears with Heart

Colouring Page of Two Bears

This PDF format printable colouring sheet shows two teddy bears with a special Mothering Sunday message which they’ve written on a big heart shape. Don’t forget to colour in the heart and add of plenty of colour to the background too.

Preview of Mothers Day Colouring Page of Bear with Balloons

Colouring Page of a Bear with Balloons

This brave bear is taking a balloon journey high into the sky to tell his Mom how much he cares for her. The four heart-shaped balloons can be coloured in with lots of bright colours (including the individual letters in the message) and don’t forget to colour in the fields and trees and sky too.

Preview of Mothers Day Colouring Page of Butterflies and Flowers

Colouring Page of Flowers and Butterflies

This free printable Mother’s Day colouring page has butterflies and lots of different flowers which can all be coloured to make a bright and cheerful gift for a mum on Mothering Sunday. There’s room for children to add their own flower shapes too or maybe some more colourful butterflies.

Preview of Mothers Day Colouring Page of Bear Giving Flowers

Colouring Page of a Bear Giving Flowers to his Mum

This free printable colouring sheet shows a young bear giving some flowers to his mum as a Mother’s Day gift. There’s plenty of space on this sheet to add lots of background detail and colour …. are they in a house? …. or maybe in the garden? …. or possibly in the woods? …. you decide.

Preview of Blank Mothers Day Colouring Page

Blank Framed Colouring Page

We’ve provided some great colouring pages above but sometimes kids want to create their very own work of art. This printable sheet provides a perfect starting point for a personalised gift which could involve crayons, pencils, paints, glitter and more besides. Alternatively – for something entirely different – kids can stick a photo or two of themselves in the blank space and then colour in the border.