Internet Safety Word Search Puzzle for Kids

Laptop secured with a chain and padlock

Our free printable internet safety word search is a great way to get children thinking about how to stay safe on-line. Kids love quizzes and working together to solve puzzles so this two-player internet safety word search combines the two to provide a great worksheet for cyber-safety whether in the classroom or at home. There are 24 internet related words to find in total but they are spread across two sheets so you must print off both SHEET A and SHEET B to complete this word quiz.

If you’ve not come across our two-player word searches for children before then check out our other page which has some useful Two Player Word Search Instructions.

You’ll find a link to the answers to this printable cyber-safety word puzzler at the bottom of this page.

Preview of Internet Web Safety Wordsearch Puzzle

Internet Safety Word Search – SHEET A

Internet Safety Word Search – SHEET B

Learning how to stay safe on the internet is absolutely essential for children and teenagers. Close supervision is of course the best way of avoiding on-line dangers but it’s not always possible to monitor kids’ internet activity 100% of the time. This two player internet safety word search for kids is a good way of introducing some key words which are associated with staying safe on-line including ‘social media’, ‘webcam’, ‘stranger’ and ‘bullying’. Use them on their own or in addition to your own worksheets. Don’t forget that it’s not just our children’s privacy and safety we need to consider; there are plenty of viruses and malware waiting to be accidentally downloaded too!

Be cautious. Stay alert. Stay safe.

Here is the ANSWER SHEET for our Internet Safety Word Search