Printable Web Safety Posters

computer virus taking a bite out of a laptop

Our free colourful Printable Web Safety Posters for children offer advice and guidance to both young and older children on how to use the internet safely; particularly for online chatting, messaging and sharing personal information on Facebook. Our web safety posters for kids can be freely printed off (they’re in Adobe PDF format) and pinned-up at school in the IT suite or classroom, at home, or wherever you need to reinforce the importance of children surfing and chatting on-line safely.

Please note that our internet safety printables provide basic guidance and tips only and must be used as part of a wider and more thorough lesson plan (or education at home) covering the dangers and risks associated with children and teenagers communicating on Facebook, email, mobile phones, etc.

Preview of Free to Print Web Safety Poster - do you know who you are chatting to online

Online Safety – Poster No.1

Text reads “Do you REALLY know who you are chatting to online? People may not be who they say they are.”

This poster is a reminder to children of ‘stranger danger’ and that they must be cautious when communicating with strangers over the internet. For example, just because somebody in a chatroom says that they are an 11 year old girl or a 12 year old boy does not mean that it’s true; it may be an adult trying to trick the child into revealing private information, posting photographs, or meeting in person.

Preview of Free to Print Web Safety Poster - keep personal information private

Online Safety – Poster No.2

Text reads “When on-line keep your personal information Top Secret. Never give out personal information such as your name (or your friends’ names), your home address or school address, your e-mail address, usernames or passwords.”

It’s crucial for children to realise that a critical element of staying safe online in cyberspace is to stay in control of their personal information.

Preview of Free to Print Web Safety Poster - meeting online friends

Online Safety – Poster No.3

Text reads “NEVER NEVER NEVER meet an on-line friend alone. If you must meet an on-line friend make sure you are with a trusted adult in a public place.”

There are enormous risks involved with children, teenagers and even adults meeting people that they have chatted with online. Educate them about the ever present threat of stanger danger.

Preview of Free to Print Web Safety Poster - dont share personal photos

Online Safety – Poster No.4

Text reads “Photographs and webcams reveal personal information and make you vulnerable. Do you really want a stranger to have a picture of you, your friends or your family?”

Only share photographs and webcam images with close friends and family. Children must know the dangers of allowing strangers to peek into their life and home, and must know the importantance of reporting anybody that encourages them to post photographs or use a webcam.

Preview of Free to Print Web Safety Poster - online bullying

Online Safety – Poster No.5

Text reads “If you are being bullied on-line then do not respond. Tell a parent, a teacher or a trusted adult immediately.”

Children should have the confidence to say NO to online bullying or intimidation, and must have reassurance that the matter will be treated seriously and resolved quickly. Nobody should feel as though they have to suffer in silence from cyber-bullying.

Preview of Free to Print Web Safety Poster - online content

Online Safety – Poster No.6

Text reads “If you find anything on-line that’s threatening, worrying or upsetting ……. tell a parent, a teacher or a trusted adult immediately.”

Not just an issue for chatrooms; seemingly innocent search engines and websites can also produce text or images that children may find distressing, upsetting or confusing. Always use a web-filter when kids and teenagers have unsupervised access to the internet.

Preview of Free to Print Web Safety Poster - beware email viruses

Online Safety – Poster No.7

Text reads “Never open or respond to unwanted e-mails or messages. They may contain viruses or nasty messages, or somebody may be trying to trick you.”

It’s always tempting to open unexpected e-mails or messages but it is extremely risky to do so. Stay safe by staying in control.

The internet is an amazing resource which has changed our lives forever.

Whilst the World Wide Web connects us with amazing information and online experiences it can also connect us with people who have bad intentions; stranger danger is not just a threat outside the home or classrooom! It is a real threat to anybody using the internet … and social networking platforms provide an easy route to vulnerable children and teenagers.

We’re passionate about online safety which is why we’ve created this selection of free printable online safety posters for children and teenagers which provide important tips and guidance about how we can all stay safe when surfing, chatting, messaging and networking.