History of Inventions Game

inventor with wierd new hoover contraption

Our free printable history game takes you on a journey from the year 1500AD to present day; on the way you’ll learn about some of the inventions during that time period and the year of invention. Taking the bored out of board!

Simply print out the ‘500 Years of Inventions’ history game, grab one dice and a counter for everybody that’s playing and then get started. Each person takes it in turn to throw the dice and move their counter the number of spaces shown on the dice. The first player to reach the finish square is the winner but watch out for red spaces and green spaces which can either help you or hinder you.

Preview of free printable history of inventions game

Printable ‘History Of Inventions’ Game Board

Looking back over the last 500 years of history there have been some amazing inventions that – in a small way or a big way – have changed our lives and shaped the world in which we live. Our free printable history game lists of number of significant inventions and the years they were created.

As you play the game and travel through history you might be amazed at how long ago some of our modern day marvels were first invented. For example, the first working submarine was invented in 1620 …. that’s around 400 years ago!

Preview of free printable blank template for a history of inventions game

Blank Template for ‘Inventions Through The Ages’ Game

Now it’s your turn! We’ve created a printable blank game template so that you can do some research and create a game with all of your favourite historical inventions. We’ve made the spaces a bit larger on this game board to make it easier to write in the date and name of the invention.

You might choose to go way back in history and include such innovations on your board as fire and spears (although you’ll struggle with a date!) … alternatively just the last 40 years has brought us CD-ROMS, DVDs, iPods, game consoles, 3D television and hundreds more technological wonders.

Whilst we are constantly being bombarded with new inventions, gizzmos and gadgets some people argue that there is no such thing as a brand new idea and this is an interesting point of discussion. The argument goes that every invention is just the ‘improvement’ or variation or evolution of an existing idea or product. Ponder that for a while ….