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Printable Colouring Sheets for Anxiety & Worry (Page 1)

Worried emoticon with head in hands

Everybody worries and gets anxious and upset from time to time … but some children and teenagers (and especially those on the autism spectrum e.g. those of us with Asperger syndrome) suffer more than others from daily nerves, anxiety, worry and stress. Sometimes those young people prone to anxiety are easy to identify because the symptoms show themselves quite clearly; sometimes not. Either way, helping them is rarely easy and sometimes seemingly impossible. With that in mind we’ve tried to help.

Our free printable sheets below are a collection of colouring pages which help to explore anxiety and worry. As colouring pages they are more suitable for pre-teens although it may be that some teenagers are also receptive to the messages and information. These free printable anxiety help sheets for children can be used individually if required but are also designed as a ‘story’ or ‘journey’ (sometimes preferred by young people with Aspergers) which includes a simple explanation to a child about why they may be suffering and some suggested helping and coping strategies.

This is Page 1 of the set. Visit our 2nd Page of Colouring Sheets to view and download more.

DISCLAIMER: This is not professional advice. This is not medical advice. These free resources are only a tool to encourage discussion which you may choose to use to help a child explore anxiety and worry. Every young person is different with very personal experiences and challenges; you are responsible for vetting these resources and deciding whether they are suitable for your purposes and the individuals you wish to help. These free resources are not a substitute for professional advice or medical advice.

Preview of printable anxiety colouring worksheet cover page

Title Sheet / Cover Page

Just a simple title sheet or cover page if it’s helpful for you to make a set or workbook from our collection of free printables. There are some dotted lines to write on names, dates, classes, teachers, etc. It’s easy to design and print your own customised title page too of course … maybe with some pictures chosen by the child or young person being helped or supported.

Preview of printable anxiety colouring worksheet showing that everybody worries

Everybody Worries and Gets Anxious

This is Page 1 of our printable set of colouring pages and worksheets to help children and young people understand anxiety. There are some suggestions on the sheet about things that might make us worry from time to time plus some empty space for children to write in their own ideas or anxieties. (The cat might be worrying about something too. He looks a bit bothered).

Preview of printable anxiety colouring worksheet showing some worry more than others

Some of Us Worry More than Others

Sometimes it can feel unfair that we worry more than most of our friends and people around us and get stressed about the tiniest things. This printable sheet tries to represent this as a big bag of worries weighing down a see-saw in a play area.

Preview of printable anxiety colouring worksheet showing big sack of worries

Worries are a Burden

The image on this free printable represents the stress and strain of having a worrying mind all day every day resulting in us being constantly anxious and distracted. There’s room to write in personal worries and concerns on the ‘bulging sack of bother’ and plenty of background space to draw and colour them too.

Now visit Page 2 of our Anxiety Printables for more printable colouring worksheets of this set.

The UK’s National Autistic Society has a great page for Help with Behaviours which covers Aspergers, anxiety, obsessions, routines, meltdowns, coping with change, etc. to help those with autism spectrum disorder.

IMPORTANT WARNING & DISCLAIMER: this site is many many MANY YEARS OUT OF DATE and is no longer being updated or maintained. It is provided free as an ARCHIVE ONLY.
IMPORTANT WARNING & DISCLAIMER: this site is many many MANY YEARS OUT OF DATE and is no longer being updated or maintained. It is provided free as an ARCHIVE ONLY.
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