Printable Colouring Sheets for Anxiety & Worry (page 3)

Anxious looking emoticon clasping hands together

These are the next four colouring sheets and worksheets in this free set of PDF format self-help printables.

We describe the nervous stomach feeling as fake because it is nothing to do with who we really are – that relaxed happy person we become when we are just being in the moment – instead it comes from emotions and memories and triggers that are like unwanted weeds in a garden. It is, however, a reality that from a physiological perspective all those conscious and unconscious stresses and worrying thoughts and emotions do physically affect our gastrointestinal tracts (aka the gut). If you’re interested in this then Google ‘enteric nervous system second brain’ … yes, you read it correctly … a second brain in your guts!

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This is not professional advice. This is not medical advice. These free resources are only a tool to help encourage discussion which you may choose to use to help a child or young teenager to explore anxiety and worry. Every young person is very different with very personal experiences and challenges … some may have Aspergers so they are predisposed to anxiety … others may have had traumatic events in their life … YOU are responsible for vetting these resources and deciding whether they are suitable for your purposes and the individuals you wish to help. Again, these free resources are not a substitute for professional advice or medical advice.

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Nervous Stomach Feeling

It can be the anxious feeling in our stomach that causes us to suffer hour after hour and often into the night. That feeling continuously reminds us that something troubling has happened or will happen in the future so encourages our mind to race and think about all the what-ifs and if-onlys. That feeling however is fake just like the unwelcome creature on the worksheet. By focussing our attention on our genuine bodily sensations (the tingling in our hands or the feeling of our feet on the ground) we find that the nervous ache vanishes.

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Coming soon! … a sheet on walking meditation which is one of our favourite distractions. It not only involves a little light exercise but also a counting system which is a distraction from whatever you are worrying about.

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