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Halloween Activities for Children

image of a cartoon vampire on halloween with bat

Our free printable Halloween Activity Sheets can help you celebrate this spooky, creepy yet fun time of year. You’ll find below a selection of free kids’ Halloween activities including ‘Spot The Difference’, a spider web maze (complete with spider ready to pounce!), a printable Halloween word search complete with 15 bats and some black and white images for children to cut and paste to create a a creepy collage or spooky scene.

All of our fun Halloween activity printables will open in a new window. Each has a solution sheet attached except for the ‘How Many Bats?’ activity which has the answer given at the very bottom of this page. Have a look at our very own free printable Halloween Colouring Pages for October 31st too.

preview image of printable count the bats halloween game

How Many Bats?

This Halloween activity sheet will send you kids batty! …. the owl perched in a tree doesn’t look very impressed either. Bats and vampires are popular themes and images on October 31st so this page is covered with dozens of flying bats and it’s your job to count each and every one of them.

The answer is given at the bottom of this web page.

preview image of halloween spot the difference

Halloween ‘Spot The Difference’

This ‘Spot The Difference’ puzzle shows a montage of All Hallows Eve icons such as a witch flying on a broomstick, a scary cat on a pumpkin, and a few grave stones. The two images look identical but there are seven differences for kids to find. These activities are always popular with children and make a fun addition to a Halloween party (sometime between the apple bobbing and carving jack-o’-lanterns).

preview image of printable spider web maze game

Spider’s Web Maze

Anybody with arachnophobia should look away now! This fun printable maze is in the shape of a spider’s web and he’s waiting for his first meal of the day …. just one twang of those spidery threads will tell him exactly where you are!

Make sure this isn’t your very last October 31st!

preview image of halloween word search

Halloween Word Search

Another hugely popular kids’ puzzle sheet for a Halloween party … our printable wordsearch sheet not only features a dozen creepy and mystical words to find but there’s also 15 occurrences of the word ‘BAT’ to find too.

For a party activity, try creating teams of two or three players to go against each other to see who can find all of the words the quickest. The winning team gets a prize …. and the losing team should be given an unpleasantly gross forfeit … probably involving cold spaghetti …. but we’ll let you decide.

preview image of printable halloween make a scene

Halloween Make-A-Scene

Some of the best kids’ Halloween activities involve art and craft. Just to help you out with any spooky Halloween arts and craft activities you may have planned we’ve put together a printable sheet of black and white images which can be cut out and used to create a spooky scene, a scary mobile, or anything else that involves cut-and-paste. You can of course use a photocopier to enlarge the pictures or shrink them.

There are 59 (fifty nine) bats on the ‘How Many Bats?’ sheet.

IMPORTANT WARNING & DISCLAIMER: this site is many many MANY YEARS OUT OF DATE and is no longer being updated or maintained. It is provided free as an ARCHIVE ONLY.
IMPORTANT WARNING & DISCLAIMER: this site is many many MANY YEARS OUT OF DATE and is no longer being updated or maintained. It is provided free as an ARCHIVE ONLY.
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