‘Guess My Name’ Fundraiser List

image of a pig waiting for a name

For a fete or a fayre or a fundraiser, our free printable sheet for ‘Guess My Name’ makes an organiser’s job just a little easier. We’ve used some very general names so that whatever type of stuffed toy, plush animal or other object you have on your ‘Guess My Name’ fundraiser stand our printable sheet should fit the bill perfectly. (There’s no point having ‘fluffy’ if it might be a fish or ‘stripey’ if it might be an elephant! … although that’s not to say you won’t have a stripey elephant toy or fluffy fish).

Below you will find two printable PDF sheets with lists of random names suitable for a ‘Guess My Name’ stand for a school, club, charity, etc., which can be printed at A4 size or A3 size. One sheet contains 63 names for a bigger event while the other contains 48 names for a smaller fundraiser. If you want to capture lots of details then just write an individual number in the box and then make a note of their personal details on a separate sheet alongside that number.

image of sheet containing 63 names for guess my name fundraiser
Printable Sheet of 63 Names

Here’s the biggest printable sheet (PDF format) which includes all of the names that appear on the smaller sheet below plus 15 more. Your visitors simply pay for a go and then write their name in the box. (See our suggestion at the very bottom of this page for choosing the winning name).
image of sheet containing 48 names for guess my name fundraiser
Printable Sheet of 48 Names

Here’s the smaller version of our printable sheet (PDF format) with 48 random names in a table.

image of printable blank price sheet for guess my name

BLANK Price Sheet

To make your job even easier we’ve also created a blank sheet to print off and write in the cost per guess.

One of the dilemmas of this type of fund raising stand (whether it’s a school, college, local charity, etc) is how to choose the winning name. In our opinion the fairest and most logical method is to wait until the fair (fayre) or fete is closed – or until the given cut-off time or date – and then cut up all the names into small squares and draw one out of a box or bag. By doing this (1) there can be no accusations of cheating i.e. somebody being tipped-off of the name if chosen beforehand and (2) you can close the stand at any time without having to worry about crossing off every name.