Greek Mythology Quizzes

Image of Hades and Cerberus from Greek Mythology

Welcome to our page of Greek mythology quizzes. If you’re interested in this area of history you’ll be aware that Greek mythology is complicated! Not just because there were so many Gods and Goddesses but also because there are so many conflicting stories and legends about them. The family tree of the Greek Gods and Goddesses is super-complicated and quite problematic for reasons we won’t go into here! Our Greek mythology quiz questions won’t necessarily help clear things up but they’re a great way to test your knowledge on their antics, activities and origins.

In Greek mythology it all started with nothing; and that nothing was called Chaos. Earth was born from Chaos and was known as Gaia who was believed to be the mother of all life or ‘mother nature’ as we may say. (Pay attention, this might come up in the Greek mythology quiz questions below). Next came her son Uranus (representing the skies and the heavens) and many other ‘giants’ at which point it all starts to get confusing with Gods and Goddesses popping up everywhere and either becoming legendary figures or more or less vanishing; Oceanus and Tethys for example were two of Gaia’s children but these are names that you hardly ever hear when Greek mythology is being discussed or studied today.

We have two Greek mythology quizzes to test your knowledge of their fabled Gods, Goddesses, Titans, creatures, etc.

Our easy Greek mythology quiz is for those scholars who are familiar with the basics so expect questions about the creature that Theseus fought, which of the Gods were twins, who is married to who, and when wishes and gifts go wrong.

Our hard Greek mythology quiz is for only the most learned scholars. These 10 questions are a deep dive into the complicated and sometimes disturbing stories and legends that the ancient Greeks passed down to us. Expect questions on the names of Jupiter’s moons, who is in the pantheon and who is out of the pantheon, the names of mortal maidens, and nymphs turning into trees.