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Quiz Questions by Others (2)

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If you need some free Children’s Quizzes to Print for a quick quiz, birthday party, sleepover or just end of term fun in the classroom then look no further. Whether you need trivia sheets to handout to the class, multiple choice on-line questions for individual pupils or general knowledge quiz questions to read out aloud then we can help.

We’ve trawled the internet for printable quizzes for children and some of the best free sources are listed below. There are a mixture of easy and hard questions available to suit most kids and teenagers and a wide variety of subjects from trivia and general knowledge to fun Xmas brain-teasers about movies, TV shows and pop music.

Question No.1: Which is the best website across the whole of the internet for finding children’s trivia quiz questions quickly and easily?
Answer: of course !

Three cheers for the Trivia Champ with free printable trivia questions with answers (in printer friendly PDF format) covering a huge range of subjects from movies and TV show trivia (including The Simpsons and Friends) through to history, science, sports and animals. They have lucky dip ‘Grab Bags’ for kids too.

Have fun and learn courtesy of the BBC Quiznet. Their Learning English pages have a neat collection of on-line and printable free quiz sheets suitable for children (in Adobe PDF format) covering a diverse range of topics. Some are easy, some are hard, but teachers will appreciate the fact that these are essentially kids’ educational English tests.

Where has ‘Quiz Winner’ gone? That’s a good question! They provided a great variety of free questions and answers. Geography, sports, animals and general knowledge were all there plus a printable ‘True or False’ quiz about Christmas traditions that could be handed out to individuals or groups for some festive fun.

If you’re looking for somebody that’s serious about providing hundreds of trivia and general knowledge quizzes suitable for all ages then try Ken’s Quiz Site. To name but a few there are categories for ‘Science and Nature’, ‘TV and Film’, Geography, History, Culture and much more besides. There also picture quizzes (logos, football team badges, etc.) , cryptic, seasonal and – most helpful of all – a page that will generate a quiz to a difficulty that you specify (easy/medium/difficult).

A HUGE Archive of Jeopardy Questions is perfect for compiling a list of printable question sheets for a quiz for teenagers or adults.

The knowledgeable Stanford University have a vast collection of free question sheets covering trivia, general knowledge, pop music, art, movies, popular culture and more. Strictly for brainy teenagers at High School, Secondary School, College or University these Microsoft Word documents can easily be downloaded to a PC – edited to remove the answers – and then printed out as quiz sheets. Alternatively just read them aloud for an instant challenging quiz.

For teenagers and adults this list of ‘Pub Quiz Questions‘ cover TV, Food and Drink, General Knowledge, Geography, History, Sport and more. A brilliant resource if you need some free printable quiz question and answer sheets in a hurry for teens or older ranging from easy to hard.

Colourful and interactive, Quiz Factor are “fun, fascinating and free” and they offer oodles of on-line quizzes covering a diverse range of subjects including television, radio, cinema, food, drink, nature, celebrities and general knowledge. Answer multiple choice questions on-line against the clock to test your knowledge and climb the leader boards. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter too.

IMPORTANT WARNING & DISCLAIMER: this site is many many MANY YEARS OUT OF DATE and is no longer being updated or maintained. It is provided free as an ARCHIVE ONLY.
IMPORTANT WARNING & DISCLAIMER: this site is many many MANY YEARS OUT OF DATE and is no longer being updated or maintained. It is provided free as an ARCHIVE ONLY.
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