Finding Dory Printables

Disney Pixar Finding Dory Logo

Pixar Animation and Disney have done it again! ‘Finding Dory’ (the sequel to ‘Finding Nemo’) has broken numerous box office records and to celebrate we have some Free Finding Dory Printables which are great for young Dory fans. Scroll down for three fun sheets to print off … there’s a free printable colouring page with Dory, Marlin and Nemo plus two puzzle sheets to challenge young children to ‘spot the difference’ and solve Hank’s challenge.

‘Finding Dory’ is set about one year after she helped Nemo and Marlin in ‘Finding Nemo’. Dory has a memory flashback that she has a family somewhere and decides to go and find them. Cue another incredible Pixar adventure not only with Nemo and his father but we also meet Crush again and plenty of new friends including a whale shark and an octopus.

Preview of Marlin, Nemo and Dory Coloring Page

Free Printable Finding Dory Colouring Sheet

Young children will enjoy this free printable colouring sheet of Pixar’s Dory, Nemo and Marlin. There’s plenty of space in the background too to draw and colour other Pixar characters such as Hank the Octopus (or Hank the Septopus as he’s sometimes called), Destiny the Whale Shark or maybe the two sea lions Fluke and Rudder. You can Google ‘Regal Blue Tang’ if you’d like to see lots of pictures of Dory’s relatives. Google ‘Clown Fish’ for Nemo.

Preview of Printable Finding Dory Spot The Difference

Finding Dory ‘Spot the Difference’ Puzzle Sheet

This free printable ‘Spot the Difference’ puzzle page is a lot of fun for kids and adults too. It’s in colourful PDF format and you’ll be pleased to know that it also has the solution at the bottom of the puzzle sheet. Print it off for a distraction or maybe include it as part of Disney Pixar themed birthday party activities. (Dory doesn’t have a great memory so it would be easy to create another Dory themed activity which could involve children having to remember as many objects as possible (maybe in small teams) to win a prize).

Preview of Hank the Septopus Puzzle

Hank’s Tentacle Challenge Printable Puzzle Sheet

Don’t worry. Hank is one of the ‘good guys’ who wants to help Dory on her journey. This free printable puzzle sheet shows Hank the Septopus (so called because he only has seven tentacles and not eight) and if Pixar are to be believed (?!?!?) apparently Hank has (secretly) appeared in every other Pixar movie including Toy Story, Cars and Up. If you Google ‘pixar hank easter egg’ you’ll see what we mean but he was incredibly difficult to spot! … easier to stick with our free ‘Finding Dory’ printables for kids on this page. Nothing hidden. All free!