Movie Celebrity Quiz Sheets

celebrity walking on a red carpet

Straight from the red carpet, our free Celebrity Quiz Sheets can be printed off for some sleep-over fun, a party game, a rainy-day distraction or maybe just to challenge a movie fan. Our celebrity quizzes pose a variety of brainteasing challenges for young people about the movie industry and the famous Hollywood names and voices that dominate our cinema screens and magazines. Is Johnny Depp older than Eddie Murphy? Which actor did the voice over for Alex in Madagascar? Who starred in ‘Night at the Museum? We have the questions and answers about the famous people that continue to grace the red carpets and awards ceremonies.

If you’re having a party or sleepover then try splitting up your guests into small teams and competing them against the clock to see which team gets the most right answers?    No Googling allowed!

Preview of Printable Celebrity Quiz Sheet - Match the Movie

‘Match The Celebrity To The Movie’ Quiz Sheet

This printable quiz sheet challenges young people to match a list of celebrities with movies they’ve starred in. Famous names include Jim Carrey, Eddie Murphy and Johnny Depp.

Preview of Printable Celebrity Quiz Sheet - Voiceover Work

Celebrity Voice Over Quiz Sheet

Can you match the list of celebs to the animated characters that they’ve provided voice overs for? Look out for Jack Black, Antonio Banderas and the super-talented Tom Hanks

Preview of Printable Celebrity Quiz Sheet - Countries of Birth

Celebrity Countries of Birth

Many of our famous Hollywood actors were not born in the USA. Take our ‘Celebrity Countries of Birth’ quiz to learn about the origins of Bruce Willis, Eddie Murphy, Amy Adams and more.

Preview of Printable Celebrity Quiz Sheet - Years of Birth

Celebrities’ Years of Birth

Who are the youngest celebs in Hollywood? … and who are the oldest? Take a look at the list of years and celebrities on our printable Adobe PDF format sheet and try to match them up.

Preview of Printable Celebrity Quiz Sheet - Middle Names

Celebrity Middle Names

Just like us ordinary folk, those celebrities have middle names too. We’ve chosen a few of the less ‘exotic’ ones for kids to match to the famous male or female to whom they belong.

Preview of Printable Celebrity Quiz Sheet - Word Search

Celebrity Word Search

Our PDF printable celebrity word search sheet is great for younger children who might want to join in the fun but may not be familiar with celebrity trivia. An answer sheet is provided.