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Multiple Choice Food Quiz Questions for Children & Teenagers

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We’ve served up some interesting Food Quiz Questions for teenagers and children to satisfy their insatiable appetite for free multiple choice on-line quizzes. Knives and forks at the ready …

The ten multiple choice quiz questions about food are listed below and children will enjoy the quirky and random nature of these food trivia quiz questions which are designed not only to be educational and interesting but also to encourage children to discuss their ideas and suggestions. Random food subject areas include breakfast cereal, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and the origin of the word ‘coconut’.

The answers to these kids’ food quiz questions are at the very bottom of this page. Bon appetit!

Question 1: The word ‘coconut’ comes from a 16th century Portuguese word ‘cocos’ meaning …..?
(a) angry face (b) weeping face (c) grinnning face

Question 2: In which year was Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company established?
(a) 1958 (b) 1978 (c) 1998

Question 3: Up until about 400 years ago the majority of carrots eaten in Europe were white.

Question 4: A tomato is a …..?
(a) fruit (b) vegetable (c) herb

Question 5: A calzone (sounds like kal-zone-ay) is a type of …..
(a) potato (b) peach (c) pizza

Question 6: A dried plum is properly known as a …..?
(a) prune (b) raisin (c) date

Question 7: Strawberries, raspberries, peaches and cherries are all related to which type of flower?
(a) The rose (b) The daffodil (c) The lily

Question 8: The odd coloured fruits from a plant whose latin name is Musa Velutina are …..?
(a) pink bananas (b) pink oranges (c) pink pineapples

Question 9: The first breakfast cereal (invented in 1863) was not popular because ….?
(a) it was green (b) it was very expensive (c) it had to be soaked overnight

Question 10: From which country do potatoes originate?
(a) Ireland (b) South America (c) Greenland


here are the answers to our food quiz questions for teenagers and children …

Answer 1: (c) grinnning face (from the three holes on the shell that look a bit like a human face).

Answer 2: (b) 1978

Answer 3: TRUE. Carrots have been all kinds of colours through history including purple, black, red and yellow. Carrot colours still vary around the world today (especially wild ones).

Answer 4: (a) fruit (although for cooking purposes they are quite often described as vegetables).

Answer 5: (c) pizza. A calzone is basically a folded-over pizza (to make a half-moon shape) which is usually filled with the usual pizza toppings like cheese and tomato.

Answer 6: (a) prune

Answer 7: (a) The rose. A surprising number of your favourite edible fruits are in the ‘rose family’ (Rosaceae) including apples, apricots, plums and pears.

Answer 8: (a) pink bananas

Answer 9: (c) it had to be soaked overnight. It was made of bran nuggets that were so tough they had to be soaked overnight to make them soft enough to eat.

Answer 10: (b) South America. The potato was first cultivated there around 3000-7000 years ago, and it had probably grown wild there for many thousands of years more.

We hope you enjoyed our feast of food quiz questions. Feeling hungry?

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IMPORTANT WARNING & DISCLAIMER: this site is many many MANY YEARS OUT OF DATE and is no longer being updated or maintained. It is provided free as an ARCHIVE ONLY.
IMPORTANT WARNING & DISCLAIMER: this site is many many MANY YEARS OUT OF DATE and is no longer being updated or maintained. It is provided free as an ARCHIVE ONLY.
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