Printable Fathers Day Colouring Pages

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For many countries around the world the third Sunday in June is an important date … Father’s Day ! To help you say a big ‘THANKS’ to a special dad, grandparent or important male figure we have created some free printable Father’s Day Colouring Pages which you’ll find below. Our colouring sheets include some images of a cute and cuddly Daddy bear spending some quality time with his son or daughter (e.g. reading together or playing football) … and there are boating and ballooning images too

Fathers Day is celebrated on Sunday 19th June 2022 in the UK and it’s also 19th June 2022 in the USA being the third Sunday of June.

Preview of Fathers Day Colouring Page of Father Bear reading Book to Baby Bear

Colouring Page of a Father and Child Reading

Let’s all turn off our mobile phones and tablets just for a few minutes … there are some amazing books to be discovered. This father and child are having a quiet time by reading a favourite book together. Kids can draw a picture on the front of the blank book to create a copy of the front cover of their own favourite book.

Preview of Fathers Day Colouring Page of Father Bear and Baby Bear

Colouring Page – Child on His Dad’s Shoulders

Kids love being carried high-up on their dad’s shoulders. Not just because it’s a lot of fun (and a bit scary) but also because they’re spending time being close to their parent and sharing an experience together.

Preview of Fathers Day Colouring Page of Bear Playing Football with Father

Father and Child Playing Football

This free printable (Adobe PDF format) Father’s Day colouring sheet shows a father and child playing a game of football together … a favourite sport for Dads all over the world and a great opportunity to get together as a family and support a team together especially when its the Euros or a World Cup.

Preview of Fathers Day Colouring Page of Hot Air Balloon

Colouring Page of a Hot Air Balloon

The ‘Happy Fathers Day’ hot air balloon image on this colouring page gives kids a great chance to design a colourful and creative pattern with coloured pencils or with paints. Don’t forget to create green hills, a blue sky and maybe add some birds too.

Preview of Fathers Day Colouring Page of Children on Yacht

Yacht Colouring Page

This happy image of a boy and girl on a yacht could be coloured in jointly by a son and daughter as a personalised gift to their dad or maybe cut and paste for a Father’s Day card. Take some time creating a detailed and interesting pattern on the sails ….

Preview of Blank Fathers Day Colouring Page

Printable Blank Frame

This frame is ideal for a son or daughter to create a colourful personalised drawing or message for their ‘star’ father or grandfather; it could also form the front of a special Father’s Day card … or how about adding a photograph?