Family Christmas Quiz Questions

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Welcome to our free on-line family quiz questions which we’ve put together to help you add some fun to your Christmas celebrations. Maybe you’ve got some friends and family round for an Xmas party … relatives staying over who need entertaining …. or you just fancy half an hour quality time with you and the kids … either way our multiple choice quiz questions are a quick and easy way to add some family fun and games to the Christmas holidays.

The family friendly questions have a mixture of difficulties so that all ages can get involved with the quiz from young to old (and you might find that only young children can answer some of the questions!). If you’ve got a Quizmaster in charge then they might be generous and decide to give out limited clues e.g. allowing each team or person or family the chance to have one or more of the multiple choice quiz questions crossed out to reduce the options if they request it (but don’t let the other quiz teams see!).

These family quiz questions are NOT themed on Christmas so that they can be used widely across cultures but instead have a good mix of multiple choice trivia and general knowledge questions to suit a range of ages. If you do want questions on Christmas trees, Santa, Xmas traditions, carols, etc then try our Christmas Themed Quiz Sheets which come in two different formats depending on the age of the participants. Our popular festive collection of free printable Christmas Colouring Pages are also a great way of celebrating the Holidays and keeping the kids busy on Christmas Eve. Images include a cosy fireplace with empty stockings waiting for Santa to fill them, a Christmas tree with decorations and gifts underneath, a festive robin. kids playing in the snow and of course Santa himself on a sleigh.

OK … here we go … there are 10 questions covering a range of trivia and general knowledge areas which are perfect for Christmas family gatherings of kids and adults alike. Phones off! … no cheating!

Good luck ...

Q1. Which is the largest of all the big cats?
Q2. Which word is missing from this proverb? "It is the last...........that breaks the camel's back"
Q3. What job does a taxonomist do?
Q4. Which family adopted Paddington Bear?
Q5. In which year did Amy Johnson become the first female pilot to fly solo from England to Australia?
Q6. Which two colours can be mixed together to make brown?
Q7. Many electronic devices use a HDMI cable. What is HDMI short for?
Q8. What does the Christian name 'Philip' mean?
Q9. Who broke the internet in 2018?
Q10. How many countries does Poland share its border with?