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ORDER! ORDER! Our free English Parliament Quiz Questions for children and teenagers are a great way to test young people on their knowledge of the Houses of Parliament and how parliament works. You’ll find odd bits of trivia along with quiz questions about the more important aspects of running a country. All of the free parliament quiz questions listed below come with three multiple choice answers although you may wish to exclude the multiple choice part if you want to make the quiz a little harder or use the questions as the basis for research. All of the answers can be found at the very bottom of this page.

Question 1: What is the actual name of London’s Houses of Parliament?
(a) The Palace of Westminster (b) The Chambers of Westminster (c) The Courts of Westminster

Question 2: In which year were the Houses of Parliament that stand today completed?
(a) 1670 (b) 1770 (c) 1870

Question 3: Who is the United Kingdom’s Head of State?
(a) The Queen (b) The Prime Minister (c) The Archbishop of Canterbury

Question 4: The British Parliament is made up of the ‘House of Lords’ and the ‘House of Commons’. Which one of the following statements is true?
(a) Only the members of the House of Lords are elected by the public.
(b) Only the members of the House of Commons are elected by the public.
(c) All the members of both Houses are elected by the public.

Question 5: What is the formal title of the Minister who is responsible for the British Government’s financial and economic matters?
(a) Chancellor of the Bank of England
(b) Chancellor of the Budget
(c) Chancellor of the Exchequer

Question 6: Every year, the Chancellor (mentioned in Question 5) famously takes his budget plans to parliament in a ….. ?
(a) wooden chest (b) red leather case (c) armoured convoy

Question 7: ‘Whips’ are the names of particular officials in a political party. One purpose of whips is to ensure that ….?
(a) elections are carried out fairly
(b) MPs support their party on important votes
(c) the Houses of Parliament are safe from intruders

Question 8: According to UK law, a general election must be held every …. ?
(a) 3 years (b) 4 years (c) 5 years

Question 9: A ‘green paper’ is the name of a government document which is usually the first step in creating or changing government policy. What is issued in response to a green paper?
(a) A white paper (b) A red paper (c) A yellow paper

Question 10: What is the name of the senior officer in the House of Lords who is responsible for maintaining order in the House and controlling access?
(a) Black Rod (b) Silver Rod (c) Gold Rod


Trivia Quiz Answers Warning

Answer 1: (a) The Palace of Westminster.

Answer 2: (c) 1870. Two previous fires had destroyed earlier buildings which had first appeared in the eleventh century.

Answer 3: (a) The Queen is the UK’s Head of State, although her role these days is more ceremonial and she does not ‘rule’ the country as such.

Answer 4: (b) Only the members of the House of Commons are elected by the public. They are our elected Members of Parliament (MPs).

Answer 5: (c) Chancellor of the Exchequer. The position of Chancellor is considered to be the second most powerful in the Government after the Prime Minister.

Answer 6: (b) red leather case. The original one was made in 1860 for William Gladstone, but it was replaced in 1997.

Answer 7: (b) One of the jobs of a whip is to ensure that their MPs support their party when important votes take place.

Answer 8: (c) 5 years. More specifically, the ‘Fixed Term Parliament Act’ provides for general elections to be held on the first Thursday in May.

Answer 9: (a) A white paper

Answer 10: (a) Black Rod. His full title is The Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod …. but it is generally shortened to just Black Rod.

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