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Endangered Animals Colouring Sheets

image of a tree frog on the planet earth

Earth’s rainforests and other natural environments are disappearing. Our endangered animal colouring pages will help you to understand a little more about some of the animals that are most at risk from human activity including deforestation for development, hunting and poaching. Our images include the beautiful Siberian tiger, the tropical rainforest dwelling golden lion tamarin monkey, a Philippine eagle, a dhole (which looks a bit like a red dog!) and a brown spider monkey which has now lost 98% of its natural habitat.

Humans have created this sad and worrying problem for rainforest animals and many other animals on planet Earth …… so we humans owe to it the animal kingdom to put things right again! We hope that our free printable colouring pages inspire you to research the plight of endangered animals further and maybe take some action to save them from total extinction.

Preview of Endangered Golden Lion Tamarin Colouring Sheet

Golden Lion Tamarin Monkey Colouring Page

This free printable colouring page shows a baby golden lion tamarin having a ride on its parent’s back; as males and females both look identical – and both help with looking after their young – it could be mum or dad ! Current data suggests that there are less than 1000 golden lion tamarin monkeys left alive in the wild. They are mostly found in the tropical rainforests of Brazil and have brightly coloured hair in a mixture of reddish-oranges and golden browns.

They have a liking for sweet, soft fruits but their diet is quite varied and also consists of tasty insects and small lizards.

Preview of Endangered Philippine Eagle Colouring Sheet

Philippine Eagle Colouring Page

The Philippine eagle is officially classified as ‘critically endangered’; not surprising when you learn there may be less than 500 alive in the wild. Their last remaining environment is the Mount Apo region in the Philippines where they have finally retreated to from other areas due to the negative impact of many human activities including deforestation, agriculture, harmful pesticides and poaching.

When colouring in the picture don’t forget that the Philippine eagle’s feathers are a mixture of dark browns, creams and white.

Preview of Endangered Dhole Colouring Sheet

Dhole Colouring Page

Dholes (AKA Indian wild dogs or Asiatic wild dogs) are now endangered due to a combination of causes including disease, competing for prey with other predators and (of course) loss of their natural habitat. They are very social creatures and live in packs (consisting of family members) who typically work as a team when they are out hunting for deer, wild pigs, wild sheep, etc.

When colouring in remember that it has a beautiful orangey-red colour coat, pale underbelly and a black tipped tail.

Preview of Endangered Siberian Tiger Colouring Sheet

Siberian Tiger Colouring Page

With less than 500 Siberian tigers left in the wild – and the continuing threat from poaching and habitat loss – the future of this beautiful feline is uncertain. They now live almost exclusively in the south-east of Russia although in the past they had the freedom of much larger areas including parts of China and Korea.

The Siberian tiger grows a ‘summer coat’ and a ‘winter coat’ …. the winter coat naturally being much thicker and longer. Check Google Images before completing our colouring-in page to make sure that you get the tiger’s colours and markings just right.

Preview of Endangered Brown Spider Monkey Colouring Sheet

Brown Spider Monkey Colouring Page

Enjoy our free colouring page of the critically endangered brown spider monkey but remember that current estimates suggest there are less than 2000 remaining in the wild. Unfortunately they make a good meal and are easy to hunt and kill because they are noisy and stay together in large groups. They are also captured by cruel people involved with illegal pet trading and because they reproduce quite slowly they do not replace their populations very quickly.

For your colouring page you may like to bear in mind that some brown spider monkeys unusually have blue eyes !

IMPORTANT WARNING & DISCLAIMER: this site is many many MANY YEARS OUT OF DATE and is no longer being updated or maintained. It is provided free as an ARCHIVE ONLY.
IMPORTANT WARNING & DISCLAIMER: this site is many many MANY YEARS OUT OF DATE and is no longer being updated or maintained. It is provided free as an ARCHIVE ONLY.
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