Introduction to Elementary Algebra Worksheets

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Our unique Introduction to Elementary Algebra Worksheets with answers are free to print and make great learning aids for children in the maths classroom or maybe for home schooling. Our worksheets have test questions too and provide a simple introduction to algebra in mathematics and are designed as handouts suitable for Junior School/Elementary School aged children (rough guide: KS2 in the UK and 4th/5th Grade in the USA) who need basic instruction on the principles of algebra. The introduction to elementary algebra worksheets (with answers) use a simple fun idea to help children understand how algebra equations use both letters and numbers and provides some addition and subtraction questions to test learning.

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Elementary Algebra Worksheets

Our basic introduction to algebra worksheets are in PDF format which can easily be printed out or saved to a PC. There are two A4 pages which include some colourful images which are used to help communicate and teach the principles of algebra. Please remember that this is basic introduction for absolute beginners to algebra so the worksheets would not be suitable for older children who already have knowledge of variables, coefficients, etc. Our free worksheets have test questions spread throughout them and there are also a few ‘harder’ maths questions at the end which are a good test as to whether a child has understood the basic principles.
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Answers to Elementary Algebra Worksheet Questions

Here are the answer sheets for the elementary addition and subtraction questions in our free algebra worksheets.

If you visit Wikipedia’s page on Algebra you can learn much more about this interesting branch of mathematics which originated several thousand years ago. For example, did you know that the word ‘algebra’ comes from an Arabic word which means “reunion of broken parts”? Also, if you are a mathematician who uses algebra a lot for research you may be referred to as an algebraist. Good word!

Whilst the theme of our worksheets is rather young there’s no reason why they couldn’t also benefit teenagers who may be struggling to grasp the principles of algebra. Note, though, that the sheets only include addition and subtraction to keep them as simple as possible. There are no questions which require multiplication or division.