Free Easter Colouring Pages

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Kids can choose from one of our free printable Easter colouring pages to help celebrate this special time of year that brings the whole world to life. Whether children are religious or non-religious they can enjoy spending some time colouring in our printable sheets of new-born Spring lambs, chicks, lillies or Easter eggs which will help them to think about new life and renewal as the Earth wakes up in the spring time.

For some households Easter time is mostly associated with receiving lots of chocolate eggs – or maybe an Easter egg hunt – but for religious people this is one of the most important and special celebrations of the year as they celebrate the resurrection of Jesus at home, school or church.

Easter chick with egg and paint brush

Did you know? …. that the word Easter originates from the name of an ancient Greek Goddess called Eostre who was associated with Spring time. It was widely believed that after each Winter she returned, and by doing so Eostre banished the cold and dark and brought with her the light and warmth of Spring that was particularly important for food production and general well-being. Check out our printable Easter Quiz Sheet too with ten multiple choice questions about eggs, traditions and popular culture.

Preview Image of Printable Easter Colouring Page of Three Decorated Easter Eggs

Colouring Page of Easter Eggs

Children can get imaginative and colourful with our free colouring pages of Easter eggs decorated with bunnies, chicks, stars and flowers. The story of the Easter bunny is well known, and rolling eggs down hills is still popular in some countries to see whose lasts the longest. Since the late 1800s children in Washington DC have been invited to the White House to roll eggs on the Presidential lawn !

Preview Image of Printable Easter Colouring Page of Newly Hatched Chicks

Colouring Page of Easter Chicks

New born Spring chicks are perfect symbols of new life and rebirth at this important time of year. These fluffy yellow babies emerge from their eggs after breaking through the shell and in no time at all they are cheeping and causing a stir amongst adults and children alike who just can’t resist wanting to hold them.

(Also available with “Spring” text in our Spring collection)

Preview Image of Printable Easter Colouring Page of Lambs

Colouring Page of Spring Lambs

New born Spring lambs are a popular Easter symbol across the world and children love to watch them running and jumping in the fields and sometimes playing ‘king of the hill’. In years gone by it was thought to be lucky to meet a lamb because superstition said that the Devil could take the form of any animal that he chose except for a lamb because of its close religious links. Prayers have even been written which bless lambs.

(Also available with “Spring” text in our Spring collection)

Preview Image of Printable Easter Colouring Page of Lillies

Colouring Page of Easter Lilies

Beautiful white Easter lilies are often displayed in churches and homes around the neighbourhood at this time of year. The big, perfect white flowers remind us of new life and purity; in particular the pure new life associated with the resurrection of Jesus.

“Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not clothed like one of these.” (Matthew 6:28-29)

Preview Image of Printable Easter Colouring Page of Spring Daffodils

Colouring Page of Daffodils

One of the first Spring flowers to arrive in our English gardens is the daffodil which brightens up Easter time with its beautiful yellow trumpet-like flowers making it a popular Easter decoration for the church, table or around the home. Our free printable colouring page shows two different varieties of daffodil – both the large-cupped variety and the trumpet variety.

(Also available with “Spring” text in our Spring collection)

Preview of blank easter egg design to colour in

Blank Easter Egg Colouring Sheet

Our big blank egg image is perfect for children to create their own Easter egg design for fun or maybe even for a class or club competition. Simple stripes, dots and wavy lines are always popular but don’t forget that egg designs can easily be themed on movies, book characters, animals, space, sea, just about any design that kids may choose for their seasonal prize-winning Easter egg decoration!

Preview of Easter Words to Colour In

Symbolic Text

Look carefully and you’ll see the word EASTER running vertically down the page. The other words on the sheet are all connected with this special time of year associated with religious belief and re-birth such as renewal, faith, birth, life and pure. Children can colour the words in and decorate the page too with images and icons … maybe some sparkly glitter too.

Preview image of blank Easter Colouring Page

Blank Easter Colouring Page

Simply a blank printable A4 sheet with a cheerful ‘Happy Easter’ message for children to create their own colourful masterpiece with plenty of flowers, bunnies, baby animals, or whatever they choose ! Crayons, pencils, paint, collage … just go nuts!