Grid Drawing Worksheets

Boy on a Pencil

Our free printable Grid Drawing Worksheets can help children and teenagers to improve their art skills while art teachers and parents can provide drawing tips and tricks. Our printable grid pictures are A4 size Adobe PDF printables and they all have a picture on the top half of the sheet and a blank grid on the bottom half. Kids and teens can use our free grid drawing worksheets to practice their observational skills and drawing skills by carefully copying the picture into the empty grid. The pictures are arranged in an order of difficulty … so the drawing grid with a puppy is the easiest … and the steam train at the bottom of the page is the most difficult.

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Preview of Printable Drawing Grid Practice Sheet with Dog Running

Drawing Grid Worksheet With Picture of a Puppy

This is the simplest grid drawing worksheet which will be suitable for younger children or as a starting point for older kids to learn how to copy a picture using a grid layout and to learn the numerous tricks and tips that go with it. Don’t forget this printable can be coloured in too! …. maybe using different colours for each picture.

Preview of Printable Drawing Grid Practice Sheet with Slice of Pizza

Drawing Grid Worksheet With Picture of a Slice of Pizza

With the risk of making you feel hungry this free grid drawing worksheet for kids shows a line drawing of a slice of pizza which could be a suitable theme for any age from a young child to a teenager. As with the puppy image (above), younger children might find it great fun to colour in the grid picture that they produce.

Preview of Printable Drawing Grid Practice Sheet with Hand

Drawing Grid With Picture of a Hand

The hand represents a fairly straightforward image to copy although kids may need helpful tips and tricks on how to keep the image in proportion …. which is always an important aspect of learning how to draw people.

Preview of Printable Drawing Grid Practice Sheet with Violin

Drawing Grid With Picture of a Violin

The violin image on this free printable grid drawing worksheet is probably more suitable for older children and teenagers. As with the hand (above) maintaining the symmetry of the image is very important and pupils will quickly learn the value of a grid for reproducing such pictures accurately and in good proportion.

If you want some relaxing violin music while you work on this sheet search for “Nigel Kennedy: The Lark Ascending” on YouTube … it’s a beautiful piece that just carries you away …

Preview of Printable Drawing Grid Practice Sheet with Flower

Drawing Grid Worksheet With Flower Image

There’s some notable symmetry in this flower image too which the sheet should help to keep in balance and proportion. There’s enough spare room to also use this sheet for an enlargement exercise although we do have drawing enlargement printables elsewhere on the site.

Preview of Printable Drawing Grid Practice Sheet with SteamTrain Outline

Drawing Grid With Steam Train Image

Yikes! … this is a complicated one. This line drawing of a steam train is more like a linear ‘technical drawing’ and may very well be too detailed or confusing for young children. Teenagers with a keen eye for detail however might enjoy the challenge. A ruler and compass will be essential for completing this free grid drawing worksheet plus a compass for the circles ….. along with a lot of patience!