Drawing Grid Enlargement Worksheet

Drawing enlargement grid with insect

These free Drawing Grid Enlargement Worksheets are printables with a variety of difficulty to suit junior school and middle school ages. Each A4 worksheet contains two grids, with the smaller grid at the top of the page containing an image which should be carefully copied into the larger grid to create an enlargement. The drawing exercise will not only show children and teenagers how to enlarge a picture but will also demonstrate the principle of scaling. We’ve listed the free drawing grid enlargement worksheets of animals and objects roughly in order of difficulty and provided some hints and tips alongside if appropriate. We hope these printables provide a great addition to your art lesson whether at school or home-school and that children and teens have some fun learning to copy the grid pictures as accurately as possible.

Preview of Enlargement Practice Drawing Grid with Ant

Grid Enlargement Worksheet With Ant

This picture for kids to enlarge has a simple image of a friendly looking cartoon style ant which has some basic shapes and lines to copy into the large grid. Give them some drawing hints by pointing out that the feelers are a good place to start copying the picture because the start and end points of the lines are easy to locate on the drawing grid.

Preview of Simple Enlargement Practice Drawing Grid with Hat

Grid Enlargement Worksheet With Hat

The long sweeping curves on this enlargement grid worksheet make it slightly tricky to copy the picture smoothly and accurately. One tip is to initially plot a few points on the worksheet and then draw some practice curves through them with a very light pencil line to get them as accurate as possible. When you’re happy with the result, finish with a darker line.

Preview of Enlargement Practice Drawing Grid with Leaf

Grid Enlargement Worksheet With Leaf

The realistic line drawing of a leaf on this printable poses a number of artistic challenges for children or teenagers. To create an accurate enlargement of the picture we recommend looking very carefully at where the jagged edges of the leaf cut through the grid squares.

Preview of Enlargement Practice Drawing Grid with Lion

Grid Enlargement Worksheet With Lion

When drawing or copying animals or people it’s always essential to get the overall proportions just right. The value of using one of our free drawing grid enlargement worksheets is that it provides a clear visual guide as to how the enlargement should be reproduced. The trick with this picture is to ensure that the final piece of art gives a distinct impression of movement in the same way that the original image does.

Preview of Enlargement Practice Drawing Grid with Dinosaur

Grid Enlargement Worksheet With Dinosaur

This Brontosaurus printable poses a monster challenge, particularly because he has plenty of shading to copy too which gives him a sense of size and shape. Tips and tricks with this image would involve starting with the head and then carefully sweeping the pencil lines down to the body; and using a number of light pencil lines to perfect the curves before finishing with darker lines.

Preview of Enlargement Practice Drawing Grid with Sailing Ship

Grid Enlargement Worksheet With Sailing Ship

This free printable drawing grid enlargement worksheet is especially suitable for older children and teens. It requires advanced drawing skills and careful interpretation so just take your time and enjoy the challenge. One great tip would be to start at the bottom of the sheet with the body of the boat before moving on to the masts, and finally the ropes and the sails.

We hope our set of free drawing grid enlargement worksheets help children and teenagers to become better artists by growing their skills and confidence. By mapping out the enlargement pictures children can learn to draw whilst also having fun; they should quickly learn that drawing grids are a great way to tackle subjects that they might not normally feel confident about.